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Hip dislocation

So...just had the biggest maybe life changing accident of my life! Had a car crash few days ago and i was the passenger on the way home from work, im calling my afco monday anyway but wanted as much imformation as possible. So my hip dislacated and chipped abit of the bone but i may not need a replacement which i wont find out for 18 months....if all goes well and i dont need one i can then train hard AGAIN will i be elegible to join? Ive come so my joining date ...and now this !!! Please be helpful!


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@Ninja_Stoker I know your medical knowledge is a bit lacking, he is already going to contact his recruiter, any advice for this youngster?
good luck with your recovery.


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As ever, only a qualified service health professional can give definitive guidence. Generally it depends, I'd imagine on the recovery, likelihood of recurrence, whether the risk of arthritis has increased, the stability and mobility of the joint and whether there are any restrictions.

A hip replacement will unfortunately be a significant issue with regards meeting the medical standard for entry.