Hindu condemns UK law over funerals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hindus would like to burn their dead on open fires here in the UK. Personally they should used the creamatorium like the rest of us, or if that is what they wish they should ship the body back to Indian and perform the ceremony there. Do you really want to see your Jack Russel gnawing on a human shin bone after it has raided the pyre?

    Full story here:

  2. The Hindu community here in the UK are in the main industrious law abiding people but this would be taking things too far, I foresee a heated debate.
  3. I'll put money on it that the famous double act.... 'Elf & Safety will make sure it doesn't happen.
  4. Normal crematoria operate under strict rules concerning emissions of pollutants such as mercury and rightly so.I have the utmost respect for Hindu and Sikh people however adding burnt granny to the millions of BBQ's and cars being burnt by pikies may indeed need to be looked at .
  5. lol fcuk that.

    Hindu's are awesome but I hope to christ I never am out for a walk and follow that delicious smell of meat-on-the-barbie and find some old bird toasting on an open fire.

    Actually fcuk that, let em pass the law only f passers by are allowed to bring there own buns and have a bit of granny burger.

    Bit of HP sauce and it'd taste the same as McShit burgers
  6. If they don't like the UK laws they can fcuk off
  7. Could the carcases be turned into bio-diesel ?
  8. !

    UK Law says its Illegal,so no the fooooking cant.If they dont like it,they know what to do!
  9. We must remember that they are an ethnic minority and therefore we the indigenous Christian majority will probably have to bend over and take it up the jacksy; I will await the outcome with some trepidation and a loaded AFFF extinguisher.
  10. If they don't like our laws they can fvck off back to shitholeistan…
  11. I never fail to be amazed at what the media call 'news' - I think the Hindu religion is quite awesome, but yep I think that's taking things a bit too far - why not just wait until bonfire night and yell 'Bring out your dead' at the top of your voices ???
  12. The dreaded "its against my Human Rights" is being dragged into play again here.I will cost the taxpayer squillions of quids while it is taken through every court in the land and then to European Court who will have the final say.I am not expecting them to approve it either but for the time being this one is going to run and run.
  13. Can you cook from frozen?
  14. Hindus seem to be nice people and I can understand why that funky old dude wants his spirit to be free maaaan, far out. But that being said laws are there for a reason and if he dosent like it then find a different country.
  15. Sorry to butt in, Who said the indigenous Majority is Christian?
    If anything, the majority of our population these day's are Athiest.
  16. Do not be suprised if the Tony and Cherie Bliar Human Rights act gets invoked and they win the case.

    Then some green belt area will be adjusted to provide areas where they can burn the deceased,

    similar to when you go to a park and there are nominated BBQ areas.

    Just do not confuse the two
  17. This could give a whole new definition to 'hot pork rolls' :)
  18. Good to see the usual being wheeled out...

    Anyway, it's not clear from the report whether the individual in question is British or immigrant Indian, but regardless of that I see this as more of an issue of dignity than ''human rights''. A bland simplistic response that ''its illegal'' doesn't open up the opportunity that the law can be changed. The act in question legislates for the controls on crematoria, so it's a question of identifying what elements of those controls have the potential to be relaxed, subjet to actual demand for open air cremation. The demand could come from Hindus, Buddhists or Asatruar. all of those approach life and death in a very different way from the prudish, embarrassed way of the majority of English, derived as it is from a censorious, disapproving and over-controlling philosophy that hands personal responsibility to an amorphous imaginary friend. At least in Hinduism and Asatru the imaginary friends are quite entertaining.

    However, it has to be recognised the context of funeral pyres in the Dravidian philosophies, from which Hinduism is derived. Charnel grounds were appropriate in South Asia, but I'd dispute their appropriateness here.
  19. Air burials would be fun.Maybe do a test run by draping goody over Nelsons shoulders and wait for the vultures to arrive.Plenty of them about these times.
  20. Considering the "smokey joes" at Raleigh fire school were converted to gas for environmental reasons, I can see where a compromise could be reached, why not torch granny and then send in a fearnought team?

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