Hikers "Vetted" by Rescue Workers!

Sadly we get them all the time here in the Peak District,you wouldnt believe what some people wear.

Most are pretty sensible but theres a certain element that think sling backs and flip flops are the ideal walking attire for the hills.

If I had a quid for every fractured ankle etc from the injuries thses cause I could have retired a while ago.

I think its a great idea as it makes sense and ensures people who want to enjoy the countryside stay safe,it also stops extra pressure on the emergency services etc.

If they choose to ignore the advice and need assistance then should be charged for it.
The code in the Ramblers Association is. Do they have the correct clothing for the walk. Are they fit for the walk if not send them on a lower category walk.

I remember a low grade walk and this person screaming going up this small hill. "This is silly and stupid my wife is in agony here" When actually he was in agony and completely unfit for the walk his only exercise being a walk to the pub, his wife was fine.

In the Irish Ramblers you have to complete eight walks and have a document signed by the leader to say you have completed the walk before you are allowed to join. Then at your own expense pay for a weekend away learning map reading and compass work the basics at least. And camp overnight. And you have to carry your own first aid kit and food for twenty four hours high energy bars etc. The Irish Ramblers go on the small numbers but trained numbers. A long long waiting list to join.

In the UK I was waiting for the day when thirty rambers required a plaster/band aid. They all expect the leader to carry the lot. I even carried a spare waterproof jacket at one time, having a woman in the middle of a moor in a denim jacker asked her with it raining why she wasn't wearing her waterproof, she had left it on the coach. After that episode it was. "Tell off for equipment check"

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