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Hijacking other peoples threads


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rosinacarley said:
Squirrels have large nuts

That's why they swim on their back - to keep their nuts dry! :lol:

Mind you, they could always keep 'em in a bag... :shock:

Stillabunting said:
I have never quite got over this but...

I once walked into a mess deck (unit and exact mess deck not mentioned to protect the not so innocent :lol: ) to do the shakes prior to the long morning to be faced by a man tied face up to a pussers rectangular table, the sort with silver legs and white tops(imagine the crab races you used to do in the gym), stark bollock naked whilst another of his mess mates tried to shit on his chest....cheered on by the rest of the mess......needless to say I didnt bother with the shakes !!! when asked later why they would do this it was stated that it was his birthday as if that explained it :grin: :grin: :shock:

I hasten to add that this particular mess deck had more than its share of nasty horrible people but in my time associated with it generated a plethora of dits !! :mrgreen:
On a similar note, I went onboard HMS Roebuck years ago, walked into the JR's rec space to find a wren masking taped to a table with a young lad masking taped on op of her in the 69 position with his pants pulled down and his old man in her face. He was trying to keep it out of her face but was having trouble as the lads were burning his arse with hot spoons dipped in a cup of hot water.
Truly a sight to behold at 1500 hours.
Needless to say, things deteriorated further when I became killick of that mess. :twisted:


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Of course, it was generally accepted that there was always a Sparker in the thick of anything flying during the D/E Boat era.


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Well, the chicken was seen smoking a cigarette after having sex with the egg - I guess that answers THAT question! :lol:
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