Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Here you go, bear in mind that I have been slagged off by nearly every Moderator, including the CO`s, now it`s your chance to let rip, feel free, but do bear in mind that the post that says ` Concur with the above` does not count. There may be a prize if I haven`t heard it before.


  2. You've never done me any harm and if we were all the same on here it would be even more boring than it has been of late!!
  3. As Rosie from the NAAFI just to say "You sailors are all the same, big cocks and fck all money"
    Don't worry about it Higs, we all have differing viewpoints, none of which is wrong.
  4. Youll do for me Hig , straight talking shooting from the hip, and tells it like it is, and a chockhead to boot :wink: :wink: Spin and bullshit is not on your wavelength.
  5. You may be a bell-end, but in the grand scheme of RR Bellends you are mid-table, not quite worthy of the "Epic Bell" or "Monumental bell" title.

    Plus I like the cut of your jib and to the point blow job requests.
  6. What you were expecting Hig?
    By the way, I concur with the above.
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    :lol: :lol: Got to agree there!
    You're a grumpy old b'stard, but so are most chippies and chief stokers I've known and to be honest I guess I'm not too far behind you. I only recall the newbies or the ultra sensible (some may say pompous even :wink: ) posters ripping into you, but then I don't read all the threads.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    haha,,,,I love the "do you not understand what I've wrote" when your talking utter bollocks. Do keep it up, your not bad for a piss stain.
  9. Keep going Hig,if it was'ne for you half the wimmin in the UK would never have been offered the chance of giving a blow job.
  10. Hig take yer teeth out and give me a blowjob :wink:
  11. Always the perfect gentleman.
  12. Hig feeling insecure?
    That'll never happen.
  13. Who the feck is this hig bloke?
  14. :roll: Get over yourself.
  15. In my opinion most of the members who are anti-Hig are in general the biggest bell ends on the site.

    You're alright.
  16. Higs

    Didn't realise that you were still alive :roll:

    Any chance that you could go back to your original 'Dontgiveafuckometer' signature??

  17. Hig has a 'handbags' row in another thread with a couple of the resident gays and a MOD and instantly starts another thread, with the same old drips, to try and gauge his popularity. Sad.
  18. You're the same as you ever was Higs. Like anyone else on here, sometimes you have something of interest to say and other times you don't, just like all of us.
    Keep on troshing boy.
  19. RR without Higgy would be like a teetotal RN: an abonimation.

    Hig is our resident traditional Jack. He can be a bloody pain in the aarse :sex: at times (but like sorely missed UA) is a character whose verbal reposts are the qua sine non of Rumrationhood.

    Otherwise concur with above.

    Hig :cuddle:
  20. After Higs emotional appearance on RRTV's "All you need is Love" programme he received 4 offers of marriage,10 offers of a blowjob,a signed photie of pilots new titties and has become the mascot of the Gay fraternity.

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