Highland holiday.

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by AAF, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. AAF

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  2. Nice, very nice.

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  3. Ahhhh home grew up in the isle of skye
  4. Blackrat

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    Oh. Must just be me then.

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  5. See what happems when your a pads brat? Born in Ulster left about ten i think, then germany cyprus scotland back to ulster then joined the army myself.
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  6. Your starting to know more about me than most people do...
  7. Blackrat

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    I know one thing, you like to change the goalposts.

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  8. Mia


  9. Scotland is very nice country. Its capital is Edinburgh. My brother in law is living there last four years. I have visited this region last year. Here I want to share some attractions names of Scotland. I hope this information will be useful for your uncle.
    · Edinburgh Castle
    · Loch Ness
    · Stirling Castle
    · Skara Brae
    · Cuillin Hills
    · Broch of Mousa
  10. Jack, Would you like to tell me about these attractive places one by one. Because I have no idea about this region. I want to know about all destinations in detail.
  11. Really? So did I. Eilean a Cheo
  12. See bold below

  13. Are Jack and Jackler ever seen together in the same room? It seems neither use English (Queen's or Scottish) as their first language!

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