High taxes and soaring crime force 700 Britons exodus daily


I think you will find that most of them go because they arepissed of with the climate here rather than anything else. That certainly is the main reason Mrs Maxi and I intend spending much of the year abroad when I retire
Nothing wrong with leaving, just don't burn bridges and FFS don't sell the UK property. Life's too short to stay in one place, but Blighty will always be home.
No-one forced us to leave the UK; we had taken all our hols in France since the late 80’s, loved it, loved the slower life, the inborn courtesy of the people, & as the years went on, were increasingly reluctant to return to our respective ruts. As time went on, UK house prices had risen and I hit the magical age of 55, (when my pension started to become “usefulâ€), it became viable. What made it easier to leave was the insane level of political correctness, the yob culture, and a general feeling that the UK was becoming not what we wanted. France has its problems, but we love the respect that people have for each other here. It has been very hard leaving family and friends but we didn’t want to enter our dotage thinking “what a shame we didn’t try it when we could have doneâ€. So, here we are. Click the 3w box and see what we have done
Personally I'd prefer to pay higher taxes and get the quality of life experienced in Scandianvia.... but that would never happen over here because society lacks the kind of team spirit necessary to make it work. In Britain it's just: Me! Me! Me! and Fcuk the rest of society! :pissedoff:
Re: High taxes and soaring crime force 700 Britons exodus da

To anyone who thinks that ANY problems experienced in the UK are bad I will make an offer.
Let me take you on a tour of the Raval area of Barcelona, or further out to Bellevitge. I'll buy the beers and you are going to need quite a few.
There you will see crime levels and poverty on a level way way beyond anything experienced in the UK.
Recently a dozen or so people were arrested in this area allegedly intent on putting massive bombs on the metro system!
What you will not see though is the institutionalised slob culture which pervades all stratas of UK society. I have never seen photos of a member of the Spanish royal family exiting a night club totally pissed; such a thing would simply not happen.
By and large the people have a respect for one another.
Even in the Raval or Bellevitge I could walk around feeling safe from drunken yobbery.
This slob culture which dredges UK culture is one of the main reasons why many people chose to live elswhere.
Prices, weather etc to my mind come a long way second.
For myself as someone who lives in two countries the slob culture and the surveillance in the UK, plus the island mentality, are the main things that make me want to always ensure if I can, that we have elsewhere to live.
It gives you a more balanced view on life.
Indeed, the main downside of the UK is the yob culture, I will be interested to see what Mrs Ling makes of it. There are a lot of bad points to living here (more like annoyances really) but lack of yobs on a night out is great.
Re: High taxes and soaring crime force 700 Britons exodus da

I never find myself so annoyed at things in Spain as I do in England.
Noisy beggars the lot of them the Spanish, but, we are used to it and do not find it more than annoying.
My mother was from Spain but my partner is true blue brit and he still feels the same way as I do; there has to be something in it.
I'm not talking the tourist costas but the ordinairy workaday Spain, and we love it.

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