Hide the remote! Cowells' back on the box!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Oh God its back .... Cowells' smug mug staring at me advertising the next round of "Britians Fuckwits Retards" ... so far I have managed to avoid / ignore the request of Mrs MG to record the inane drivel ... but then I got to thinking ... Is Cowell the mastermind of all the "xxxx got Talent" around the world??? Not only have we got "Britains Got Talent" ... and lets face it if a fcuking dog can win that what hope have we got ... then we have "USA's Got Talent" ... fat burger munching Septics Cheerleaders leaping about ... OK that one had some promise ... but a couple of weeks ago flicking through the channels in my hotel room was the best one yet ... "Arabs Got Talent" ... snake charmers ... belly dancers and suicide bombers - although that could have been a re-run of "Achmed the Dead Terrorist"!

    So what we want is "Jacks Got Talent!" ... so what act do you want to audition with??????????
  2. Synchronized formation piss up.
    The idea is that everyone ends up pissed on the floor of the pub(hopefully the same pub) collapsed in symmetric patterns.
  3. Perhaps we could enter Sharkey, performing extracts from a sods opera in B minor or even a Morris minor
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  4. Synchronized full house after a game of golf down Gib Main Street, I've seen enough do that to make it popular.
  5. I think BGT was nicked from Jacks grab a gronk game, table of judges, up trots Jacks with gronk, judges vote on performance in grabbing gronk and uglyness , we should get a percentage
  6. I don't know if anyone else thinks the same but I think Cowell has a very odd shaped head?
  7. Finks, no-one thinks the same as you.

  8. Indeed I recall my old headmaster Donald Frith OBE telling me that I was an original thinker.

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