Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by sjohn, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    I am John. I am the student of Computer science. and my hobbies are making Fun with my friends and Surfing web.
    I am curious for the release of the movie Avtar.
    Glad to be here.
  2. Hi,

    I am interested in movies aswell. Have you seen men in black men?

    Where are you from?

    Edited to add: I am great at making fun :wink: .
  3. Fu­ck off John.
  4. Seconded
  5. il third it
  6. I was going to try to have a laugh with the new prick and wind him up.

    Oh well, i will forth it, fcuk off cnut!
  7. I was going to ask him what was curious about a film being released
  8. The dopey cnut didn't even spell it properly
  9. I think he has a few mental problems. He even thinks he is the student of computer science, i though there would be more than one :roll: .
  10. I'm shocked that members are abusing an obvious future Officer and Gentleman.
    Show some respekt innit!
  11. Which one is he going to be?
  12. Richard Gere.
  13. Hermer (Gere that is, not you NZB as I promised not to tell)
  14. You want "gear", then I is yo man bro :roll: Black or red resin or leaf?
    Its a cottage industry in the hood :wink: 8O :D
  15. Thought you were more into "cottaging"
  16. It could be someone we all know. :wink:
  17. Now there's a thought. Do you mean Seadog in disguise :wink:
  18. Now there's a thought. Do you mean Seadog in disguise :wink:

    Edited to add posted twice because EGS is carp
  19. I initially thought the same but then again who knows!!!

    Bothered from Sarf London innit!!!
  20. Dirty racist pig 8O :D

    I must say I did eat a shepard's "Pie" recently. :wink: :oops:

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