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  1. Just thought id say hi as im new on here.
  2. Hi!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!
  3. Hello mate :)
  4. Well hello there!
  5. Hi How`s it goin`?
  6. its goin well ta, this site is an interesting read quite an eye opener but in a good way. :thumright:
  7. Great, say Hi to your friends for me.
  8. Oh play nice!
  9. Hi again Black180TT!

    What interests you in particular re the Royal Navy/Royal Marines?
  10. the Marines, my OH is at 45.
  11. Im a warfare officer candidate, so did not understand your last post. What is it, in plain english sorry LOL?
  12. I took it as meaning that the poster's partner is with 45 Commando Royal Marines.
  13. So, in plain English, you are a civvy then.
  14. So is IBO8 the standard of today's warfare officers?
    Seems he is unable to understand plain English but I expect he is ace at Wardroomese. :w00t:
  15. It's the capital LOL at the end of most posts that gets me.
  16. IB08 is female and a civvy. Hence "candidate". She also asked quite an innocent question.
  17. Did I say anything that contradicts that?
  18. And WTF has "Female" got to do with anything?
  19. Everything cos we like the wobbly bits :w00t:

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