Discussion in 'The Corps' started by carlm, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi am new to this site just want to say hi and ask for some advice.
    Am 19 an a student in college i'm doing photography which i enjoy as a hobby but after beening in college for 2 years i have realised that i would not like to do it a a job. I have always been intersted in joining the marines but people keeped telling me that i would not be able to do it so i agreed with the and forgot about it but now i have realised that if i work hard enought i would be able to do what ever i wanted. At the moment i'm not very fit i can run for miles but when it comes to upper body strengh ave go none. i just wont some advice how how to change this. another question how long does it take from applying till doing the prmc

    Thanks :D
  2. can't believe I made that post defending students a couple of weeks ago - take it all back if they are all as bad at reading and writing as this one :oops:
  3. They aren't (I am likewise a student; look at my previous posts if you want evidence of literacy).

    Carl, I suggest you look up www.royalnavy.mod.uk and go to the careers pages for the RM, which might have some guidelines for fitness preparation. Also pop in to your local Armed Forces Careers Office and ask for fitness advice - not only can they give you official advice (which is of course best), it will reflect well on you that you are motivated and keen enough to go and ask for help.

    Best of luck. :D

  4. What was the point in that i was asking for some advice on the marines not about my spelling if i wanted advice on that i would go on a english forum but if trying to make fun out of other people makes you feel better about your own life then go ahead fine by me :p

    Thanks for the advice dunkers, have already been to the careers office twice but was just wondering if anyone else had any advice.
  5. This is RR, you will get criticised for anything here, we make no distictions nor take any prisoners. Live with it and join in the fun

    PS you wil find people with a service background can be more picky than others about spelling and grandma, ignore it it won't go away but that's like a lot of things.
  6. Does your collage have a gym? You in a 3 year course? (just curious)
  7. Marines have to be able to read and write?
  8. No, but it looks quite good hung on the wall.
  9. No!
  10. No it does not have a gym The course is two years but due to private problems i had to restart the first year

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