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  1. tomleecee

    tomleecee New member

    Hi, I just found this forum whilst Googling for a 'trouser version.' I had no idea this sort of thing existed, so it's reassuring to read comments from some other people who are set to join the Navy (and those who are already part of it, naturally!). I'm scheduled to join at the end of October after waiting nearly 18 months and It's been one hell of a wait - but it's nearly over.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I've enjoyed flicking through the various topics of debate.

  2. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    Greetings to you - enjoy the contents.

    :?: What were you looking for in 'trouser version' - be very, very careful how you answer, there is a lot of traps setup in here :wink:

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Never come across the expression Trouser Version before. Does this mean that I've led a sheltered life? Should I worry that I'm not in on the current phraseology?

  4. ex_wasp_L2

    ex_wasp_L2 New member

    SF, Im with you there but Im not to sure if I want to know what a 'trouser version.' is. I have lived this long without knowing what one is so I suspect I really have no need to know

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Maybe it's part of RN Steward training? :D


    ...... and as he pulled the pin he realised there was no turning back now.
  6. tomleecee

    tomleecee New member

    Thanks for the replies! 'Trouser Version' on the list of things you're meant to take the HMS Raleigh (found on the RN website) - but I've since found out that it's just a coat hanger with a bar across the bottom!!


  7. whitemouse

    whitemouse Guest

    Didn't have such things in the old Navy - we folded the bell trousers at the creases and rolled up the jumpers - :)
  8. imom1406

    imom1406 New member

    ...slept in hammocks, and was second poder monkey on B deck!
  9. rosinacarley

    rosinacarley War Hero

    Would that be powder? :D
  10. imom1406

    imom1406 New member

    Thankyou, yes it was!
  11. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    Hammock - couldn't set the things up, so had to use campbed irons or bunks !!

    Powder monkey was a bit before my time - but did do Gunbay crew cos there weren't enough dabtoes to do the job (and they still called us non-combatants :?

  12. imom1406

    imom1406 New member

    i stand humbled before you....!
  13. dt018a9667

    dt018a9667 New member

    Thank god for that I was beginning to wonder what it was all about. The mind boggles at what it could have meant.

  14. tomleecee

    tomleecee New member

    lol - I had an image in my mind:


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