Hi, just joined the site today!. Nice to meet you all. Im in the early process of joining up, got my RT on the 4th sep. Really hope i get in as a medical assistant, if i get a good enough mark on the test that is.

Anyways just a hello and ill catch you all on the forum!.

Take care.


Cheers guys!. Thanks for the link el. Dont suppose you know the pass mark on the RT test for MA do you? i know its high, should be ok i hope.


yeah it is quite high i think, but i messed up in one of the questions and put a few answers in the wrong places but still managed to pass well enough for an MA. Its a good idea to take a stopwatch with you because the time passes sooner than you think and i ran out of time on a few of the questions. Also they can't tell you how long is left, so when it finishes it can be a bit of a surprise.


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Don't spend too long per question - if you can't get the answer in a matter of seconds then leave it and come back to it at the end.

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