Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by suckkkermedick, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Ahoy there. You navy looking bunch. I would like to share my interest in basket weaving. Just wanna say I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful hobby of yours. WOOOP WOOOP
  2. Welcome smdk!

    You'll have to be patient this morning, we are trying to get all the new joiners through their joining routine.

    Most of them should PVR by the end of the day, that will allow us all to get on with defending the nation and basket weaving!
  3. I reckon there is a distinct whiff of the Wah-Flowers here on the Newbies site today, RRers........ :flower:

    suckkkermedickers?? Sukkkkkk Orffff!!
  4. Are you actually on active duty Sam?
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Basket weaving. . .
  6. I'm on duty but not active!

    Or is it the other way round?

    Never can tell, they only let me out for two hours a day!

    Are you "active"? :D
  7. Shouldnt you be catching the Somalia pirates?
  8. Sorry, couldnt resist :D
  9. Why would we want to do that?

    They haven't tried hi-jacking us yet have they!
  10. Suckkkkk Orrrff.
    You sound terribly posh for a sailor. I shall leave you to your Brandy and Cigars in the drawing room. Me old Chappy
  11. Typical response. Sort the problem out once it has started. Clever you. You should come to basket weaving lessons, you will fit right in with your huge brain?
  12. Hello Suckermydick, im a fellow weaver too, what do you use, willow or birch?
  13. Yep that's right, that's why they call it a reactionary force, we are not like the septics who invade a new country every year or so just to keep our troops in employment.

    BTW, I always "come" at YOUR basket weaving classes, you cheeky minx you.
  14. I can not wait for our next meeting. Be sure to bring a rose and A GLASS TABLE
  15. Poison Ivy. I am testing out this unusual foliage so that I can share my outcome with my buddy FLOWERPOTLOVER
  16. Basket weaving is such a priority on here! Think I might prefer the flowers after all its nearly valntines day. One rose or two and where can I put them? :lol:
  17. Now that is starting to sound really interesting,, Will you accept my rose?
  18. I think these new joiners are in fact not weaving or floral impostors but are infiltrators from Carpet Forums. Think about it.
  19. oooo love a bit of shag pile!!!
  20. Mmmm, nope, still thinking,,

    Can you use it in a sentance?

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