Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. The latest *add-on* for the PlayStation 3.

    (Press Cross/Triangle/Circle/Triangle and she brings a crate
    of Murphys up to the bedroom and then gives you a right good
    seeing-to for three hours)


    And for your Ipod - there's this piece of kit......
    (and it don't go in your lug-hole!)

    or hers for that matter.


  2. Do Argos do them?
  3. All these toys , kinnell , wish I was 10 younger , :thumright:
  4. Do they do a condom shaped one for blokes?
  5. Go to your nearest Branch of PC World, use the passwords "KY Gel Inside",
    and for a few hundred quid, you can upgrade your PC to one of these.


    The software is free - you have to provide the hardware. :colors:
  6. So that bit of kit "vibrates to the rhythm of your favorite music"??? My girlfriend likes "Bat out of Hell"...can just see her with that thing stuck in her lug-hole!!!...oh sorry, you said it didn't go in the lug-hole...where then??
  7. Seen this bit of kit...cleaners at our place use it...and I thought it was a new super-duper floor polisher! :whew:
  8. Can get the KY Gel at work , and supply the hardware , dont fancy the pussy too much though .
  9. Looks like a "road kill" to me (the pussy bit I mean!)
  10. Yeah...does a bit. Oh - and it won't accept Floppies.
  11. Discs??
  12. No, Floppys!

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