Hi, perisher anyone?


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In all my time on the periscope, If I ever saw a warship that close there is only one hting Iwould be doing - banging the go deep button v fast!!
Is that an OHP



You mean the view is rather high?
I've not fixed the camera to the periscope yet... just have a free camera for testing. - so yeah, it's not at periscope height! (which I guess should just break the water and be obscured by waves sometimes?)

What sort of distances do you normally work with?


This is how it was done many years agoand attacking surface targets has possibly not changed much.

Unless things have radically changed an attack will be conducted on the attack periscope, this being a monoucular optical instrument, with a split prism for ranging. It is monocular to reduce the diameter and make it harder to spot or be detected by radar etc.

OHP "On High Power" I would assume. These scopes used to have two settings low and high power. A range by angle/height was the common method ascertaining range of the target and submariners do not like to make active sonar or radar transmissions they may still use this method.

Simply put, using intelligence and experience the CO decides th height of. lets say the funnel top, as 20 metres, then using the split prisam puts the water line level with the top of the funnel using the split prism. A mathermatical calculation of the angle between the two prisms and the height will give you a range. i.e. modern zoom lens may only confuse the situation and some of our officers got confused enough with just low and high power when ranging during attacks.

We used a slide rule to do the calculation. Its what people had before computors and calculators.

Yes the sight line need to be only inches above the water line, if you want to make it harder than have waves washing over the scope.

If I am very out of date then a more moden type should tell both of us.



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Have you had a look at Sub Command by Sonalysts or their later combat simulator Dangerous waters?The computer models in SC were extensively repainted to give many different platforms that were drivable.PM me if you want more details.
Sonalysts is owned by a former USN submarine CO.