Hi, perisher anyone?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Wake, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm not technically a submariner but am doing a final year project to develop a periscope ranging training simulator for the royal navy, as requested by the CO of HMS Vanguard!
    I hope it's okay to post here. I found this site in my search for enlightenment on all matters maritime

    I've made the basic simulator already, so need to start considering training scenarios. I'm vagually familiar with perisher, and want to use it as a basis for the scenarios of my system, but I'm finding it hard to get hold of more info.

    So I'd just like to say hello!
    And I was wondering if anybody could tell me a little about the perisher scenarios, or maybe point me in the right direction?

    Thanks a lot, and merry christmas!
  2. Hello wake.

    I can certainly help - see your PM
  3. Hope I'm wrong but I feel slightly uncomfortable!!!

  4. I feel the same, fishing comes to mind, a Journo perhaps?
  5. Hey boats,

    Why not ask the CO of Vanguard about perishers, he will have seen many unless he was CO of the skimmer type battlewagon.

  6. You're a suspicious lot - rightly so mind you.

    To put your minds at rest there is indeed a bit of a project under way - Birmingham University I believe. I think its along the lines of using gaming technology to create Computer Based Training package for Eyes Only training (not exactly a tactical secret although possibly regarded as a black art by some!). Likely to be similar to the current Command Team Trainers that exist in Guzz/Faslane but without the associated hardware (ie on a PC). I've met the professor involved in initially setting up the project that Wake seems to have won as part of his/her course.

    As for getting hold of VANG's CO then the MoD Operator/Global Address List doesn't exactly help us get hold of each other - and that's within the Service!
  7. Why not just go and buy Silent Hunter 3?ok its 2ndd WW era but its bloody good!
  8. If its at the request of the CO of Vanguard someone must have a contact for him
  9. The suspicion comes from our training, to answer the 1st post in any depth on line in a forum such as this would probably breach securuity rules somewhere along the line and possibly drop a currently an unthinking serving member of the RN in the brown stuff.

    I also suspect that a project of this sort, be it conducted on a Naval Base or a Uni would be covered by some security classification too and a breach would involve someone else in the crap.

    Attack teachers were in existance before PCs etc so why a project that turns back the clock and use a Pc to do it?

    Ask yourself or the guy working on the project why you may not be able to contact the CO of Vanguard! A couple of reasons immediately spring to my mind.

    The use of the phrase or title Eyes Only suggests to me some degree of restriction and that the web cannot control.

    If the post was submitted niavely, fair enough, however if it is a wind up then it is a dangerous one.

  10. Polaroid

    Fully understand and agree with your reservations. I fully appreciate the issues involved and to go any further into the weeds on a public forum such as this could be seen as standing into danger so I'm not.

    Sorry if my post concerned you.
  11. No problems at all, hope the project goes well.

  12. Hi!

    Gosh, sorry... I seem to have caused the wrong reaction :|

    Sorry, it was simply Naivity on my part.

    My supervisor has the CO's details, but... I'm meant to conduct my own research and don't want to bother either of them, so I thought if some people knew the details, or could point me to them, then that'd be okay.

    But thinking about it now, my post probably was a bit stupid.

    Here's a screenshot of my system so far...

  13. In all my time on the periscope, If I ever saw a warship that close there is only one hting Iwould be doing - banging the go deep button v fast!!
    Is that an OHP
  14. OHP?

    You mean the view is rather high?
    I've not fixed the camera to the periscope yet... just have a free camera for testing. - so yeah, it's not at periscope height! (which I guess should just break the water and be obscured by waves sometimes?)

    What sort of distances do you normally work with?

  15. Wake

    This is how it was done many years agoand attacking surface targets has possibly not changed much.

    Unless things have radically changed an attack will be conducted on the attack periscope, this being a monoucular optical instrument, with a split prism for ranging. It is monocular to reduce the diameter and make it harder to spot or be detected by radar etc.

    OHP "On High Power" I would assume. These scopes used to have two settings low and high power. A range by angle/height was the common method ascertaining range of the target and submariners do not like to make active sonar or radar transmissions they may still use this method.

    Simply put, using intelligence and experience the CO decides th height of. lets say the funnel top, as 20 metres, then using the split prisam puts the water line level with the top of the funnel using the split prism. A mathermatical calculation of the angle between the two prisms and the height will give you a range. i.e. modern zoom lens may only confuse the situation and some of our officers got confused enough with just low and high power when ranging during attacks.

    We used a slide rule to do the calculation. Its what people had before computors and calculators.

    Yes the sight line need to be only inches above the water line, if you want to make it harder than have waves washing over the scope.

    If I am very out of date then a more moden type should tell both of us.

  16. Have you had a look at Sub Command by Sonalysts or their later combat simulator Dangerous waters?The computer models in SC were extensively repainted to give many different platforms that were drivable.PM me if you want more details.
    Sonalysts is owned by a former USN submarine CO.

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