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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Well for those of you who will remember me before christmas, will remember that I attended a presentation at AFCO but was told that before I fill out an application, I had to have my Army Discharge Papers.

    Well about a week ago, I received a letter from the Navy saying that they hadn't heard from me in a while and was just wondering to I intend to follow up my inquiry to the Navy by applying to join. It was a standard letter with a "I am/I am not interested" choice in which you had to delete the relevant.

    Well as well as filling that out and signing it, I thought I'd put in a covering letter to thank them for their continued interest in me and explained that the thought of such a brilliant career, etc thrilled me. I also explained that I was still in the process of trying to retrieve my Army Discharge Papers, etc. Basically, I was as formal as I could be and really opened up my vocabulary - despite the negative review from my father who stated that I would sound like a 'Pompous junior solicitor'.

    Not listening to his 'Wise-words' I sent it as I wrote it and didn't change a thing as I won't get a chance to change things in the interview stage anyway, so I'll try to be myself as much as I can through the application.

    Anyway, I sent it recorded and the AFCO received it this morning. I had a phone call around 11am and I was speaking to the same Chief Petty Officer that did the presentation.

    He said "We've received your response form and covering letter with it and judging by the letter (Ready for this?) you are too Over-Qualified for the Army anyway, so it's a good job you came out... it was a lovely side letter to put in and I'd like to help you as much as I can in getting your papers"

    Well I was stunned. I know this may not be a big deal to you people, but to me it's a real confidence boost even though after explaining what happened to my dad he still claimed it was too much and they were probably laughing! And I know it doesn't directly help with my application, but it's all about confidence. Now I have some hope! lol

    So anyway, he also explained that I'm asking for the wrong papers. I was actually asking for my medical discharge papers and said that unless I was medically discharged, there was no need to ask for them as they'll get them. So I explained that I'll have to write another letter to the Army lol!

    Moving on, another bit of good news. I'm in the middle of having a spring-clean and under the stairs at the back, what do I find? My Oath of Allegiance, Selection Center pass certificate and ta-dah... my Army Discharge Papers. Strangely I was 5ft 6 when I joined the Army, so in 3 years I've grew 3 inches to 5ft 9 - I must have been a wee dot when I went in the Army!

    I'm phoning first thing in the morning now to inform them that I have the documents.

    This could be it now... this could start the ball rolling finally!!!

    WISH ME LUCK :mrgreen:
  2. Well done Creddly. Good luck in the Andrew.
  3. Great posting Credders, Looks like your well written letter did the trick so its not only us old farts on RR who like to see well written English.
    Best of luck with everything, and I hope you get your choice of trade
  4. Good little story there and good luck, sound advice in always going that extra step. It is quite surprising what can happen.

    Best wishes with the new career.
  5. The very best of luck to you Creddly, hope you can make your dream come true.

  6. Thanks people!

    Thank you for your kind words!

    It all helps! :mrgreen:
  7. BZ Creddly. Do please post a piccy of you at your passing out parade (preferably still upright) and also don't forget to post the name of your special sock and details of your choice in duvet covers when you join the Fleet.

  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    BZ Creddly: My sentiments are echoed above; well done in your progress so far, and good luck in the RN.

    Any idea what branch you want to join?

    Good to see some peoples speak proper England like what we does!

  9. Yes, Creddly, good luck with the RN, you'll love it, but keep yer sock to yourself and yer duvet close around you!! :grin: :grin:
  10. ***SIGH*** Me and my endless Naivety. What is 'BZ'? I know I'm going to hit myself when I find out.

    Lol, also the sock thing is not 100% clicking... is it something to do with masturbation?

    I will DEFINITELY be uploading a picture of me at passing out, IF I get that far. I'm hoping and praying though. lol

    Not to brag, but I don't think I'm bad with my English and Maths considering I dropped out of school early and posses not a single qualification to my name! lol

    Something I'll be rectifying should I get in The Navy.

    I would like to join as an AET or a ET(WE). But I'm remaining skeptical as to whether I'll pass the test with a high enough score.

    Thanks for your kind words too.

    Lol Thanks Stripey.

    I have no doubt I will love it. I read the information pack nearly every night before going to bed.

    I just need to find a job soon as I fear this will really count against me.

    I've lost nearly 4 stone now, just in time for applying and I've tried to get these papers asap and given everything I've got into gettingthem. Thank god I've got them now.

    All I need is a job. I don't care really how crap the job is, just one that is permanent so I can stick to it all the way up to joining the Navy, just to show I can stick to something.

    But in my area there's not a lot - bang in the middle of the Welsh Valleys! lol
  11. well done babe - best of luck xx
  12. good luck Creddly in the RN, im suppsosed to be in week 6 of basic at the mo but i have been stonehoused ive hurt my foot but hopefully i will be back in training soon.
    Anyway Good luck again

  13. Very well done Creddly and good luck , I was wondering where you'd got to.
  14. Quote:All I need is a job. I don't care really how crap the job is, just one that is permanent so I can stick to it all the way up to joining the Navy, just to show I can stick to something.Quote

    Quote: But in my area there's not a lot - bang in the middle of the Welsh Valleys! lol Quote

    Try volunteering to paint the "X" on the back of the sheep over there in Wales!!?? (Sorry Creddly, couldn't resist that, and you will not understand that unless you look at another thread on Diamond Lil's) :grin:
  15. Credders, If you don't manage to find work it is possibly worth your while trying to get on a maths and English course at your local college of knowledge. You never know its possible that you may obtain GCSE passes at grade C or above. This would certainly help get the AET or CT position in the RN.
    Whatever you do best of luck
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    BZ is Naval speak for well done, originally it was the flag hoist used to signify a manoevre (sp) well executed
  17. Well done Creddly! Hope the job hunting goes well & it doesn't take you too long to join the RN.
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    What do you mean originally? Last time I looked it was still in the signal book!

    It can also be used with prefixed with the Governing Pennant "NEGAT" to give it a negative connotation when things don't quite go to plan :twisted:
  19. Slim or as we say in Espanol "Delgado"

    No its Old Pharts in Recruiting Offices who also have a hankering for the English as she is wrote as well.


    See never ever throw a bit of paper away, one day it will come in handy. Hope all goes well for you


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