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Don't worry, the solution is at hand. Apparently, a little known medical fact is that injecting yourself with heroin neutralizes the trace of weed. The traces of heroin will be gone in days and you should look forward to joining up drug free.


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Whilst there is always the chance of rising to yet another dreary "Nailz" thread, it's probably still worth pointing out that there's a zero tolerance drugs policy.

Surely someone wouldn't make a post about taking drugs with a traceable username? Then again....

The policy:

Drug and Substance Misuse

The short, medium and long-term effects of the misuse of either illegal drugs or substances or legally obtained drugs or substances can have a damaging impact on mental and physical fitness and health. Drug or Substance misuse constitutes a direct threat to the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces; the security and safety of Service personnel; and, potentially, the security and safety of the civilians whom they protect. Illegal misuse of drugs or substances by Service personnel also damages the reputation and standing of the Service. For all of these reasons, the misuse of drugs or substances is not tolerated within the Naval Service.

The Naval Service recognise, however, that drug or substance misuse is increasingly common in civilian life, particularly among the young, and that you may have misused drugs or substances yourself in the past. This will not necessarily prevent you from joining, as all applications are considered individually. Acceptance into the Services will depend on the frequency of use and the class and type of drug or substance that has been misused. Criminal convictions for trafficking or supply of any class of drug or substance will bar entry.

Once you have joined the Naval Service, you are required to stay clear of drugs or substances at all times and also to avoid association with drug or substance misuse and suppliers. Once you have been enlisted, you will be liable by law to random compulsory drug testing throughout your Service career. If these tests show that you have misused drugs or substances, it is Armed Forces policy that, with very few exceptions, you will be discharged.
The last sentence refers to those that report an instance of having their drink or food spiked before knowing they are about to undergo a random drugs test. Everyone that has a drugs test claims they've been spiked incidentally, but usually they only bother to mention it when they know they're about to lose their job.

All trainees are now drugs tested during phase one training - a positive result is curtains I'm afraid.
O boy....... But then again i have had some out of character moments as no doubt people on here have, just not like yours.
Although if as your username suggests your surname is Boyle then any eagle-eyed AFCO staff may well just add a drugs test to your medical as an extra special treat.

Smoking weed isn't cool, its the hobby of soap dodging hippies, have a pint instead - its good for the soul.

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