Hi just joined need a few questions answering honestly.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by builderbambi, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi have passed all the selection process to join the RN as mine wafare specialist, have been told to wait untill oct 2011 before i can start training, my waiting time started last october! Having a lot of time to think about job choice, is the mine clearance job going to be as exciting as it seems or have i made a error in this, because i want a job with some sort of excitment not a completely pointless one!!!. Does any one know what the waiting time is for a warfare specialist is and what the job is actually like? Many thanks
  2. Mine Warfare ratings used to be called MUPPETs. Maybe they still are.

    Somebody will be along to explain, no doubt.
  3. Do you guys still have a marksman on-board to shoot mines? I recall they used to use the .303 No.4(T). If you do, what do you use now?

    Just a mong question, but I am curious.
  4. Fella the STC when embarked do that role unless the DHP are on board
  5. Can they even see through the scope with all that black nasty over their eyes?
  6. MW Branch - Used to be a case of 'iron men in wooden ships' but now it's 'iron men in GRP ships'. A small tight-knit branch with loads of camaraderie embarked in smaller, less formal warships that reach smaller, friendlier ports in parts of the world other ships can't reach plus more responsibility at an earlier age plus the chance to practice proper seamanship and operate world-beating minehunting sonar systems and UUVs plus a thriving Branch association (MWA). Why be a small fish in a big pond when you can be a real wheel in a world where you're usually first in and last out? For excitment, it's only beaten by the STC Branch but you could always apply for a transfer once you've proved yourself.
  7. So you thinking ive made a good choice and is worth the 2 year wait?
  8. JJ - The RN no longer sweeps mines in normal circumstances but hunts them using shipborne sonar and UUVs. When ground mines (lying on the seabed) or (moored mines suspended in the water column) are detected, they are either rendered safe by clearance divers and recovered for mine investigation and exploitation (MIE) to find out what makes them tick or they can be countermined by clearance divers. They can also be neutralised by the Sea Fox mine disposal system.
  9. That's entirely up to you and I'm biased anyway. For a flavour of what you might be doing, take a look around the MCDOA website, particularly the 'Branch History', 'Latest News' and 'News Archives' sections.
  10. Thanks NG. I should have known things have come on a step or two since the Lee Enfield :oops: :lol:

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