hi, just got back from diving got my provisnal dates!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ship_rat, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    I got 2 letters from the AFCO. one says would you like to go to Royal Naval Acquaint Centre (RNAC) for 4 days and see whats it's like. great.. i thought, should be able to get the time off work.
    The next letter said this is your provisional date of entry into naval service!!! 17th June 2007!!!
    after I read the letter for the 4th time.. I read "please read the attached forms" one form, is the accept or decline the provisional date and the other was a form about fitness requirements
    does anybody know what CP123 is? i know about the run and the standard that i need to gain, but CP123 is a new one on me.
    any info would be great.
    ship_rat :grin:
  2. CP123 ??, not sure but good to know you have your joining date for the grey funnel line.
  3. hi i go in april 15th and u have to take the CP 123 booklet with u to HMS Raleigh. The CP 123 is a fitness programme booklet telling u about what fitness standards they expect at raleigh also got a 8 week training schedule which u have to fill in for raleigh. should get one of the AFCO. CONGRATS BY THE WAY.
  4. hi
    thanx for that i will try and ring the AFCO and see if i can get one.
    from ship_rat
  5. shippers, i've got my cp123 in front of me as i type, i'm sure its for personal use/reference, dont actually think you have to fill it in and take it to raleigh with you.
    well done on the date as well!!

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