Hi , is anybody able to give me any help on this ??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tranmere_gary, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. I am thinking of joining the Navy. I have applied in the past (around 5 years ago) but failed my medical for the job i was going for (aircraft handler) as i am colour blind.

    Does anybody know if you can join the Navy as a chef if colour blind ?

    I have been told i am CP 4 level colour blind.
    Also is there any other jobs available in the Navy for people who are colour blind?

    I was gutted when i was told i couldnt join as an aircraft handler last time around.

    Thanks alot in advance , Gary
  2. Thanks for the fast reply , the link didnt work though mate
  3. It doesnt open on my computer , it says the link is danmaged and cant be opened.
    Are you able to answer any of my questions mate ?
  4. 0512. Application of Eyesight and Colour Perception Standards
    * See Para 0501 sub para b
    ** Contact lenses not permitted.
    Specialisation/Branch VA Standard Colour Perception
    Aircrew I 1
    Warfare II 1
    ATC, FC, FDO III* 2
    RM Officers III* 4
    Pilots I 1
    Bridge Watchkeepers II 1
    All Other Officers III* 4
    Warfare Branch II 3
    AW, AWW I 3
    Missile I 3
    WSM II 4
    REG II 4
    Fleet Air Arm
    ACMN I 1
    METOC III* 3
    PHOT III* 3
    AC I 2
    AH III* 3
    Engineering Branch III* 4
    Air Eng Mechs III* 2
    Air Eng Artificers III* 2
    Air Eng Tech III* 2
    All Other Ratings III* 4


  5. Dont mean to come accross as abit simple but that means nothing to me.

    Im not used to all these titles.

    Which group does Chef come under ?
  6. Just so you know the navy is not taking any new applications at the moment and from what i have been told wont be for quite some time.
  7. Edit your first post to delete your email address, especially as it appears you are going to make an idiot of yourself on here.
  8. All other ratings.
  9. Nice one , thanks for all your help , just to let you know , the Navy are recruiting as iv just spoken to somebody on the phone from the number givi=en on the Navy website
  10. Classic.
  11. No need to be funny , iv only just found the phone number otherwise i wouldnt have posted on here

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