Hi, I recently sat my RT test and have planned to join as a Warfare Specialist does anyone know the current waiting time for joining the roll?


Hi, I have recently sat the RT test and have planned to join as a warfare specialist.Does anyone know the estimated wait time for joining as a warfare specialist and also how long does the medical process take?


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Just guessing here, I'm thinking that your AFCO can answer these questions and any others you may have.


I originally applied in June 2017 as Aircrewman. Did my RT in September, interview October, Medical in November and was made TMU delaying me until Febuary for fitness test. Sadly failed FATS and then changed to Warfare Specialist. Within a week of the change to WS I was given PRNC and Raleigh dates. Its the jumping through the hoops that takes time but is worth it. I cant see it taking anywhere near as long as mine.

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