Hi Guys,

Wilky if you are still alive,and admiral Jenkins please let me know, Please.

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Lantern Swinger

Kings Arms Pembroke Street - just up from Stonehouse gate (now flats)

I used to be player/manager of the football team - Landlord was an ex PTI - and it was a real dodgy pub if you weren't known

My mate's wife was the local money lender and he used to take me in (He lived in those flats you can just see on the left) - lock ins were normal - one day after a match some blokes came up to me and said 'the landlord wants us to have a word, tell us your address and you won't be burgled' !!!!

Our home pitch was Devonport Park - once we scraped the dogsh*t off the surface

I was a part II instructor at Raleigh at the time


War Hero
It may or may not have been the club in the married patch in the Burg......... I'll take the 5th.
That be it then, my time in faslave tended to be working, at area or heading to and from Guzz, with as few runs down the burg strip?


Was on Phoebe in Guzz in '79 when my brother brought my missus and Mum down for a visit (don't ask me why!!), got a call about 7pm "Am at the Main Gate, get your arse out here (he was an ex-Stoker, never since given up being a total asshole even though he is now 69!!!)". Bimbled out to St Levans, car into town - "Where is Bridgette and Mum?" - "Oh, it's OK, I left them in Lil's". WTF??? Got there to find them both having a whale of a time, my Mum still talks about it when we have a wine-assisted RN-reminisce (Dad was ex-POCK, died in '97), she thought it was the dogs dooh-dahs!! Aside, went down to Guzz for a weekend in about 2009, what a disappointment!!

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