Hi guys joining RN in january....

.........and one of the reasons I wanted to join is because of the sport/adventurous training side of things. One sport I've been thinking I'd like to give a go is cross country skiing but can't find any links on the RNWSA website any ideas!? Doesn't anyone in the Royal Navy do it!?

Thanks in advance!
There is a big cross country skiing community in the Forces, I'm not sure about the RN but two of my Pongo mates have just spent 6 weeks in Norway doing Biathlon. Presumably there is some combined services skiing. The RN also has a Ski Championship every year at Les Menuires in France, it is mainly downhill but I believe a small amount of cross country also takes place. The Ski champs are two weeks long and are possibly the best piss up this side of the Army vs Navy at Twickenham. The RN teams usually have a few weeks off before hand to train for it and it doesn't all come out of your own leave allowance.

As for all sports in the RN, if you are good enough and can represent the mob, you will get ample extra time off to participate in such things. One of my old mess mates was (maybe still is?) the Combined Services cricket team Captain, they flew him off the ship during a major exercise to go and play cricket in Barbados, even though it meant leaving our department short staffed.

Mad_Dog I would love to know when you last wore a uniform. Lol :roll:
Yeah I've seen that the cross country ski team are mostly Army, once I'm in I'll ask around and see whether there's oppos in it for a young matelot! cheers for the info 2DD

Oh and Mad_Dog I'll keep you informed of how many french/Swiss/Italian chalet girls I nail on my next trip to St Moritz with my pals!


Mad_Dog said:
Love to know how much ski ing you get done , try it when youre on leave that's the only chance you ll get lol!
You're obviously truly gash at sport then, like any sport in the RN, if you're half competent you'll get to do shitloads. Even if you're gash you can get at least a week a year in at the ski champs.

Ski-ing is massive in the Armed Forces, including Alpine / Cross-country and Biathlon.


War Hero
Montigny-La-Palisse said:
Ski-ing is massive in the Armed Forces, including Alpine / Cross-country and Biathlon.
Totally agree.

There are probably more telemark/langlauf/cross country skiers than water skiers in the RN & RM.
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