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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dima, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    Former Bootie served 1961 to 1972. Jumped the sinking ship known as the UK and moved to Spain for a much better quality of life.

  2. Bienvenido royal,
    I have to say, mrs Squirrel and I hope to follow you over there when my time's done.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Hi Dima,
    Enjoy the debate and banter...................... (Spain, not another one! you lucky ba*tard!)
  4. Welcome to Matelotland Dima! Where in Spain, Mainly on the Plain, are you?
  5. Hola Dima
    Where in Spain do you live?
    I live on the Costa Calida near Mazarron. Been here 5 years,love it no chance of going back to UK !!!
    Ex Chief Jenny 70 thru 92
  6. Beunos Dia.
    Thanks for the welcome Ladies and Gents.
    We live in the Valencia Region, inland about one hour from the Costa Blanca coast on the edge of the "Meula de Cortes" National Reserve. Well away from the tourists.

    Chieftiff. I don't know about being a lucky b*****d. When people come to Spain for a holiday, they get to return to tranquil UK whilst we have to
    stay here and suffer permantley, sitting by the pool, drinking cheap booze etc. It's a bloody hard life. :razz:

  7. Oh How you miss the cold and rain - go on rub it in -

    Welcome and enjoy
  8. Hola Dima!

    Mi gusta la playa y cerveza. Ole!

    That's about the strength of my Spanish :)
  9. Welcome "Dima" , enjoy the site mate , loads of banter , I could just handle an afternoon in the sun , :cool:
  10. I must admit, the best thing about living abroad is that you actualy appreciate a visit to the UK once in a while........
  11. Hi there Dima,

    Nice to see you’ve embraced the quaint old ex-pat pastime of knocking the old country.
    Spain is Maybe OK for a holiday but it seems 90% are back here within 2 years, and the other 10% wish they were but can`t afford to leave.

    Quality of life? Look at your windows, those iron bars are there for a reason

  12. Uncle Albert
    Prevention is always better than cure!!
    As an ex Crime Prevention Officer for Notts Police,the only b**gers who had bars at their doors/ windows were the scroats/drug dealers,here it is a way of life!!
    I don't know where you get your figures from,but hey I believe you!!
    Been here for over 5 years and have not been privvy to more violence,burglaries whatever than in UK.
    The reason most people return to UK is missing family mostly grandchildren etc and not having a grasp of the lingo,because they are too lazy to embrace the manana attitude,and want to turn their urbanisations into little Britain.
    The health service here is second to none,no waiting times well Ok 1 week for an MRI scan,tests etc,but I can handle that.
    Not having a pop just telling it how it is
  13. No offence morseman I just get fed up of being told my country is a load of shit

    I looked at buying out there and was scared off by the draconian housing laws and taxes imposed when you buy and then again when you sell.
    To me rain and cold means green fields and no Bombay Runners.

    I know you and BobH live out there and to your credit you have not fallen into singing the ex-pats lament, I leave that to people like Dima who probably think melanoma is a town outside Malaga.

    IMHO Spain is no better or worse than the UK…. it`s just different.

  14. Well said, UncleAlbert. My own opinion is that when you leave this country you forfeit the right to whinge about it.
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Bloody hell! did you get out of the wrong side of bed this morning? The guy has made 3 posts, a bit of banter and you're leaping down his throat accusing him of slagging off the motherland! Me thinks you could do with a good holiday in Spain in the hope a little of the live and let live attitude wears off!!!
  16. Who better to whinge than expats' who have something to compare it to donkey?
  17. Thanks for the welcome Uncle Albert. I didn't realise a bit of banter could be taken so seriously.
    Perhaps I should have made myself clearer. It's the Goverment of the UK that pisses me off, and I firmly believe that if you have served time in HM Forces, like most people on this site ,defending the Establishment ,then you have earned the right to stick two fingers up at it any time you like.

    Yes we have bars on our windows, an historic legacy from when people did not live in their houses permantley, but we leave our doors unlocked. New houses are not fitted with wreckers (bars ).
    I have lived in Spain for a number of years in an area that is just never seen by people who come for a holiday, and who have absolutely no idea of the quality of life (not different ) that can be had. The very few Brits ( eight families ) that live in a 20 klm radius of me are quite happy after living here for between 10 and 34 years because they have taken the trouble to intergrate, unlike the Anglophiles that live here and are constantly knocking the Spanish.
    A lot of peoples perceptions of living in Spain are gained from watching television programmes that bear no reality to actuality.
    Regarding you comment about Melanoma. I'm quite aware of what it means as this condition caused the death of my first wife.
    I don't want to get into a pissing contest and should you require any info on taxes re house purchases in Spain ,then please ask.

  18. Tis a pity the waether isn't alot colder... or I might retire out there... Did you say cheap booze... an excellent health service... AND I apostosize! :twisted: and demand all my tax records were deleted on conscience grounds: paying income tax goes against my conscience too, for that matter... Also Spanish looks a lot easier to learn than Danish!
  19. Wardmaster
    Why should I forfeit the right to whinge about UK
    I still pay taxes in UK so I believe that I have the right to have an opinion about what is happening in UK.I just choose to live elsewhere.
    I served my Queen and country for 22 years as did my late husband,44 years between us and they cannot even award me a widows pension because we planned for the future,Government and personal pensions exclude me from the above.
    Enough said,enjoy the UK but please do not begrudge others that have chosen a different lifestyle
  20. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think regardless of whether you pay UK taxes, 22 years give you more of a right than most to express your opinion.

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