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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Norfender, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Am an ex WEM and left the mob 10 years ago now (was in for 7 years). Still young(ish) at 34. Possibly thinking about joining the RNR because i do miss the camaraderie of the navy. Am in Pompey so it would be King Alfred i would be attached to. I did send a form off for an info pack (twice now) and recieved nothing back.

    Just wondered if i will be one of the oldest JR's in training? lol. Totally unsure about the average age of the RNR.

    Cheers fellas
  2. Welcome to RR, I am sure you will find it to your liking.

    I am sure that one of those closer to today's RNR will be able to answer your questions.
  3. Hi norfender

    Welcome to RR - I'm 39 this year and looking to join as a JR so you're in good compnay!!

  4. 34 is a perfectly normal, and average, age to be in the RNR so don't worry about that.

    I would try calling in at your local AFCO in person.
  5. Welcome aboard Shippers! We have a number of JRs in their 40s and 50s in the RNR.

    At one point the Sub of the Gunroom at my unit (senior sub-lieutenant in the unit - by appointment rather than "real" seniority however), and his deputy had a combined aged between them of, I think, 85 or so!!!

    So I wouldn't worry.

    And when I applied I received TA packs 3 times in a row...part of the challenge to see if you're really committed! Contact details for the unit are at http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/server/show/nav.2941 so I'd suggest you give them a bell (next week - on Easter leave until then) and ask when their next open evening is.
  6. Hi Norf

    Don't bother waiting for info packs, contact KA direct after leave. Age is only important if you're a cheese! As for training we technically don't have WE's so they will re branch you. The NE entry training is really geared to civvie entrants so who knows what exactly they will have you do. That will up to your unit but you may have a trip down memory lane to RALEIGH. These days the RNR is keen to get the experience in and to get people on the trained strength asap, so your experience will no doubt be different from others joining. One tip - bear with it - the beauracracy can be a right nause.
  7. Norfender

    I too have just joined the RNR at a very similar age as a JR. Age won't be a problem. There tends to be a missing generation in the middle; ie lots of teens (who are often off to join RN full time soonish) and lots of 30 somethings but not too many 20 somethings.

    The recruitment process is challenging to say the least - if a private company ran its recruitment like this it would go bust within months. Just stick with it - its not personal its the system. Stay proactive, keep moving things along its how the Navy works.

    Get your fitness sorted, which isn't too difficult even at our advanced years, and you'll be more than half way there. Good luck and see you soon.
  8. Welcome aboard Shippers.
    I'm now 38 and joined at 34, I was the second youngest in my New Entry class. Don't let age bother you, it was the youngest in the class who dropped out.
    Also don't worry about the old stigma of what the regulars think of you either, half a day on board acting proffesionally and you'll be accepted, we've stated to prove our worth now.
  9. Welcome Norfender. I know someone who has just been signed up at the age of 51, so don't dispair!!
  10. Welcome aboard,

    PM the Run Ration user "rosinacarley" as she is based at King Alfred, she may well suggest you just rock up and they will sort out the AFCO in their own sweet time. I did it that way (when I joined age 32) and got the back pay when it was all sorted.

    Hope you enjoy RR & the RNR.
  11. Welcome, I'm sorry to have to say that you muust prepare yourselve for a very long, tedious, painful and extremely frustrating six months or so while you progress through the recruitment process.

    The good news is that when you actually get to the light a the end of the tunnel you will soon see that it is well worth it.

    Glad to have you aboard, look forward to seeing you on a weekend soon.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi & Welcome!
    The selection process for the RNR is exactly the same as for regular service. The reason for this is that you can & probably will serve alongside your regular counterparts on an equal footing & wage. In fact once you have passed the RNR selection process, you could transfer to regular service. Obviously some may find this tedious, even thinking the AFCO is being picky & over zealous, but the truth is we do not seek to employ unsuitable candidates who may be medically unfit, bankrupt or have unspent convictions & suchlike, to name but a few issues. Stick with it mate, it's worth it.
  13. I completely disagree with trehorn's message, although I'm sorry he had such a dispiriting experience joining up.
    In our part of the country, both the AFCO and the Unit seem well linked in together and the process (including security clearance) takes less than half the time trehorn talks about under normal circumstances.
    That's not to say there won't be some frustrations, but if you can be flexible on test, interview, medical and fitness test appointments, then there's no reason why you shouldn't get through this quickly.
    On top of this, Units are encouraged to take people whilst all this in in progress, although you may not be allowed to go away on weekend training or take part in physical training until you're fully in. You also won't get pay or travel expenses until you're on the books properly, but then you'll get back-pay from when you started attending.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy the RNR.
  14. Concur with that Brains..we have people in new entry that havent completed the AFCO process..if anything the process has helped to give those people even more encouragement, and the patience as they are involved and can see the value!
  15. We had a new girl in last week and after giving her all the good bits we proceeded to give her the downs side.
    Pay (or lack of it), Training cuts and the AFCO/new entry process.

    To highlight the issue i asked one of the New Entries how long he had been attending the unit, even i was suprised when he announced (with what seemed to be a degree of pride) twelve months!!! TWELVE FFS!!!! He still hadnt done Raleigh.

    On another note a you girl joined and has been going through the AFCO process for six months before being told that she is medically unfit due to asthma. She hasnt had an attack for over four years but she's kept her inhaler prescription up to date just in case. She fit in so well and enjoyed it so much there were plenty of tears in the unit last week.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only reason the process can take as long as 12 months is if the individual applying does not provide the information when requested, attend the AFCO when requested or take the pre-joining fitness test when requested or does not provide sufficient information to the Defence Vetting Agency to gain security clearance. The rules on asthma are 4 years without prescription- it says that on the AFCO form 5 (Application Form Instructions) given to you when you apply FFS! You also sign to say all details are correct, if they're not-expect delays. In short if you delay the process, don't blame someone else!
  17. contact KA direct. some AFCO's are woefully inadequate. i joined at 38, average age really !
  18. For the record in my case it only took 6 weeks from applying to my first drill night at the unit and that included the Christmas break :!: So it might not take so long.

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