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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by New bee 82, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, been looking at the site for a while but now actually have a question to ask which I don't think it's been asked.

    I'm starting Raleigh on 27th Nov, I was wondering, in the new syllabus when is the press up/sit up/shuttle run test? Is it on the same day as the mile and a half -day 2 I think or later on?

    Should do it no probs, just a little nervous I suppose.

    Anyway, thanks for all your help!!
  2. The test you are talking about was the PT(B), and is no longer part of phase 1 training or any other phase for that matter.
  3. That said, you do other fitness instead. Have a look at the RN webpage, there's plenty of info and trainees diarys to read about the new Initial course for the RN.

  4. Thanks for that, it's just it said the fitness requirements on the same page as the run times in the phys booklet, so I thought it'd be tested.

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Download the all new, singing, dancing fitness thingy: http://www.pdevportal.co.uk/pdf/executive_health_posters/Royal_Navy_-_PED_Packs_lowres.pdf

    Citius, Altius, Fortuis, the (HMS Belfast - free) Olympic motto, which means: tea, white, two, I think.

    Edited to add the above fitness program is primarily for "in service" personnel in preparation for their annual RNFT rather than those about to join.

    That said - it's an excellent training programme for those yet to join.
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  6. Thanks ns. Very helpful
  7. I finished phase 1 in july and we did the pt b test in week 7, we did a bleep test followed by the press ups and sit ups. Nothing to worry about once you get that far.
    After the 2.4km run on day 2 we went for a gym 'introduction'...
  8. :-D:-D:-D:-D
  9. Ryan, the PT B test you did was either your lead PTI doing it on a whim or PT superior selection. PT B is no longer a pass/fail evolution during phase one training.
  10. Ryan Gym, Gym Ryan.
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  11. Thinking about it, I don't remember any of the staff saying 'you must pass' and nobody got less than what I thought to be the minimum requirements so I don't know what happens if you did 'fail'.
    I do know that in may when I joined up, it said pt b on the programme on the notice board in the mess and we were not told it was ok to get less than the figures in the pre joining fitness booklet. We were told that the scores we got gained ganges trophy points for our class and that pt b was part of the selection for pt superior.
    So maybe it wasn't a pass/fail test and our DI and PTI didn't tell us. It doesn't matter to me now. I'm just sharing my experiences of phase 1 to hopefully help newbies. I would hate for people to read the above quote and not worry about training for the million press ups you do in phase 1 training. Whether pt b is pass/fail or not, phase 1 is proper hard.
  12. Ryan, as you are no doubt aware, recruits performance is monitored during every IMF session and PT evolution. Because of this PT B was no longer required as IMF does not measure just physical fitness but also many of the other naval core values and of course you weren't told whether it was a pass or fail evolution. What would be the point of telling you that you cannot fail just to watch recruits put in a half arsed attempt. Also, if people train in accordance with the pre-joining booklet then they will have no problem with the press ups in training, be they remedial or within the gym. If people don't train then they will be escorted to the gate on day two having failed the NEFT. On another note, what division were you in?
  13. NEFT - 1.5 mile run. IMF - initial military fitness? That right?
  14. Thats right mate, initial or introduction to, something like that.
    And just incase you were confused, pt b is part of phase 1, but I don't know if it is a pass/fail test.
    I never claimed to be an expert, there are obviously people here more clued up than me, I am just a phase 2 trainee trying to give back some of the help I received from this forum
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  15. PT B is not a part of phase one training anymore and has not appeared on the live phase one programme since we started the ten week course. I can only assume that somebody had posted an older version on your noticeboards Ryan. PT superior selection is very similar to the old PT B requirements so that may be where you are confusing yourself. The staff may have referred to it as PT B due to these similarities.
  16. Ok. Just to save any confusion, because I have confused myself! In the last few weeks of training, you go down to the gym and do a bleep test and some press ups and sit ups. The PTI then records your scores. The staff refer to it as PT B and it is called PT B on the new programme highlights on the noticeboard.
    Not trying to argue, just want to make it clear to people joining soon
  17. That is the PT superior selection. Like I said, it is very similar to the PT B, however, PT B as a pass/fail assessment is not and never has been part of the Initial Naval Training ten week course. The programme on your notice board was likely to have been one of the very first drafts of the INT course. The course programme changes on an almost daily basis at the moment as elements are added and shuffled around as the training planners see fit.
  18. I never claimed to be an expert, there are obviously people here more clued up than me, I am just a phase 2 trainee trying to give back some of the help I received from this forum[/QUOTE]

    I am appreciative of your help coming back from phase 1, wanting to help the new trainees. smpsjs stop splitting hairs
  19. It's not splitting hairs, it's being in possession of the correct information. I am always willing to help people seeking to join up, it makes my life easier when they actually get to Raleigh and stops people coming to the office door asking if they have brought the right iron with them but before I post I always ensure I have the most current info.
  20. Thanks guys, all the info I can get from ex - 10 - week - phase - oners is helpful. How about, we just make sure we're all fit enough to begin with!!!

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