Hi Everyone! Questions about Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by jeram, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post this as it would not allow me to post in the Welcome section. Anyhow, my husband (US Navy) was just selected for orders to Portsmouth as part of the Personnel Exchange Program. Any insight about the area and schools would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. Ninja_Stoker

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    Welcome. Your best bet is to post the query on Rear Party - the Families tab at the top of the page. This section of the site, whilst possibly helpful, tends to be a little too forthright for some.

    Hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. What Ninja said :) This part of the site is better for asking which are the best pubs and clubs are in the area. Rachel would probably be the best bet for those that are around these days!
  4. Haha i can recommend the best nightlife stuff :p i would recommend joining the library when you get here, sounds bizarre but there are information points in the central library that advise on schools and other issues- and they run events such as weekend craft activities for children (which are fun!) they will be able to help you learn about the area and give you information as well- plus DVD hire is cheap if you get bored.

    I did work experience in a few of the schools when i was there and to be honest they are all at a similar level really with similar facilities; some areas are nicer than others but even in the 'rough' areas they are still good. Its awkward driving in pompey so if you can try and get somewhere within walking distance :p i used to work for portsmouth city council so if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  5. Best thing to do is to acquaint yourself with the M275 (Northbound)..... :wink:
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  6. Not one mention of dog shit? :)

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  7. exJenny

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    You have my sympathies.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
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  8. Schools-wise, I'd recommend Portsmouth Grammar School.
  9. DSC just for J_F_H :jocolor:
  10. Your best bet is to rent a nice country house in Hampshire within commutable distance. Think Pride and Prejudice, you can get a gaff like that for pennies over here. Since the recession Britain is basically a third world country.

    Next you'll need a car. Most of Britain's roads are still cobbled, choose a vehicle with good strong suspension, a Morris traveller should serve you well.

    Avoid Portsmouth's many bare knuckle boxing and bear baiting arenas. These generally attract ragamuffins and vagabonds.

    Last thing, don't go up north, they're a right bunch of backward ****ers.

    Welcome to England.
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  11. There is a very agreeable Inn situated in the appropriately named village of Soberton, which is in commutable distance, without the need to change horses.
    See my posts in the Good Pub thread. A modest thatched dwelling in that parish shouldn't set you back more than...say ..half a million.....pounds that is, not dollars. No riff-raff there......not since they closed HMS Mercury.
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  12. I would recommend you contact one of the HIVEs in the Portsmouth area, contact details are on this page:


    The area is served by 3 HIVEs: Portsmouth, Collingwood and Sultan. Depending on where you will be housed and where your husband will be working will determine which one is best for you but if you contact all 3 by email they will each give you their own local information in addition to the generic "Portsmouth" information.

    If you are going to be housed in Ministry of Defence Service Families Accommodation then you can find information regarding SFA on this website:


    You can find a useful Service Community Official Guide here:

    Portsmouth 2013 or PDF: http://www.methodpublishing.co.uk/UserEditable/PDF/Portsmouth.pdf

    As has already been mentioned, have a look at RearParty - there are specific forum areas on there for the many queries you will have and you might find the answers there more useful.
  13. I can only think hubby must have upset someone further up the chain of command. Not to worry. At least you can eventually leave. Schools? Investigate private schools you children will thank you.

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  14. Hi,

    Welcome to Pompey!

    You will get better advice from others about schools. Be aware the state schools here are varying in quality. Some are very good, and some are worse than bad. Fee paying schools are not cheap but there may be opportunities to get funding assistance from the navy. I believe there is a US school around Guildford (or used to be).

    Portsmouth is not the same size as Norfolk VA, or San Diego but equivelent in importance to the RN as these are to the USN. Portsmouth city has areas with deprivation (dockyard redundnacies/ unskilled jobless) but a rich history - Dickens, Portsmouth Point, Roman Portchester. Fareham is nearby and more town-like. Gosport has good and bad. A number of matelots live on the Isle of Wight and commute by ferry. An island life is a lot quieter and probably has better schools tahn many areas. Avoid Leigh Park, Portsea and Paulsgrove - not so much ghetto as Fallujah on a bad day.

    Enjoy your time in England - Portsmouth is handy for a lot of exploring and is close to a lot of good places to visit - country parks and trails (Butser Hill/ Queen Elizabeth Country Park/ The New Forest. It's not too far from London and the water is safe to drink.

    Make the most of your time over here - its not a bad area!

  15. Hmm ... not sure about the schools bit ... certainly NOT the state schools ... however IF you get some sort of schooling allowance or have the wherewithall to pay for education there is an independant co-educational Private school in Ryde Ryde School - HOME (or Google "Ryde School" which will give you the fees page direct). But the Isle of Wight is a good place to live - predominately rural with a low crime rate - there is a fast ferry service to Portsmouth (25 mins) however its the most expensive stretch of water in the world but a season ticket works out cheaper ($2737 per year - no such thing as subsidised transport). Houses are reasonable but depending on your needs will still set you back somewhere between $1000 to $1500 per calendar month to rent. Over here a car is a must. Public transport is expensive and virtually non existant ( 3 buses a day to the out laying villages is the norm) so factor in the cost of a car into your budget!

    Other things to consider (unless my learned collegues know different) the nearest PX is in Mildenhall which is a three day camel trek - Trust me ... it would take you ALL day to drive there from Portsmouth.

    Where ever you end up Welcome to England!

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