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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Auldare, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Well somehow after months of searching and doing research into joining the navy I have finally sumbled upon this website, I have no idea how I had missed it for so long!

    I'm 30 and living in the sticks of N.Ireland (yup a mick) and have just gotten sick of civvy life, need a lifestyle not just a job and all that. I had enquired in August 09 about joining, went in and saw the video, had a talk and all was peachy. Now I knew my stamina for the PJFT was way below par so decided to hold off sending in the form until October while I done something about it. Now as I hadnt heard anything back I decided to contact the Recruiting offices here and apparently my application form got lost (I swear the Royal Mail have serious problems these days) but not to worry, I am getting booked in for my Psychometric test for the end of march!

    The one job and only job that when I read about it just makes me feel all funny like a pyromaniac in a fireworks factory is MA(SM), the role and responsibility from what I can see so far just suits me perfectly.

    Well thats it really for my introduction, If I get stuck in anything I will most likely bug the place with questions and will keep you guys posted on how things are going. I was thinking that a kind of regular update from a guy in his 30s will help anyone else of similar age see that we arent too old to change our lives around etc!
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. Hey there, Im looking for a change too and have sent my forms back... just waiting for a date for mt RT.... oh and im 33 so your never too old.
  4. Welcome mate, don't worry about being a Mick -
    Able Seaman Macgennis VC didn't do too badly out of the RN...good luck.
  5. hi there welcome to rum ration
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site, best of luck etc.,

    A true pyromanic used to join as a Marine Engineer & aspire to become a fire-fighting instructor.

    That said, Medical Assistants are a bit strange too, so welcome to the crypt...
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys, yeah I could have said 'Like a priest at an altarboys summer camp' instead but that might've given the wrong impression heh.
  8. the MA(SM) branch has many people in it and is probably over loaded...would be a long wait to get in (i think)
  9. MA (SM) is about 18 months according to Ninja_Stoker's latest waiting times list
  10. Aye I have noticed the waiting list times and it has been playing on my mind a bit. On one hand I want to go in with a clear objective of what branch to join but on the other I wonder if keeping options open for a branch I learn more about would be best.

    MA(SM) has been the single branch which I so far have seen which appeals to me. I was wondering, would at anytime there be suggestions made to applicants about branches that they may be suitable for but had never considered?
  11. C20


    When I was changing from officer app to rating entry I had originally imagined joining as a hydrographic specialist as it seemed to match my civvy experiences (degrees and work etc) but when the recruitment officer told me it was a 24month wait he suggested AC instead. Not something I'd have thought I was capable for (the mech comprehension in the RT was a bugger imho :) ) but after reading up on it realised that I could see myself in the job.
  12. Welcome Auldare I've served with a few bog trotters and always found them great lads, hard as nails and really good for fun a run ashore. All the best mate. :p
  13. Could you hurry up and qualify, I just cut my finger. 8O :cry: :D
  14. Join the Army; the Navy is shite
  15. Auldare

    At this late hour our almost-tame Pongo-renegade-from-ARRSE (oxygen thief first class) JoJo is likely to get a little confused.

    So, just for your benefit, I offer the following correction to his latest garbled post:

    There, that looks much better - But please don't tell him as he has to watch his blood pressure (He is on some medications you see......)
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :lol: Yep, I've seen that recruiting poster too.
  17. It would look great on the side of one of those recruitment trailers 8O :lol:
  18. I had looked at joining the army and to be totally honest, if not successful with the MA(SM) I'd rather be on the ground in a squad than any other branch in the Navy! Pity that recruitment for the armed forces is split up the way it is.

    The main thing I'm looking with joining any of the armed forces is to be in a position where I do the best that I can, to feel pride in my work and that others around me will in some way take comfort knowing Im there when the shit hits the fan.

    Now I have noticed that having debts before joining can be a big stumbling block these days so am getting in touch with all the debt guys well beforehand to get something nailed out. My debt isnt massive, around £6,000 and have already worked out reduced payments with them as I am currently not able to find work. So right now I'm paying £65 a month to them (Originally agreed payments used to be £225 a month), one good thing is I've gotten a decent relationship with my debtors as I'm always open and honest with them.

    So in the end will plan and look ahead to any issues that may creep up and have a plan setup beforehand. Being proactive can only earn you browny points in anyones' eyes!
  19. Well just posted the replacement forms I got earlier today, stuck 3 1st class stamps on the fecker to make sure gets back asap!
  20. Wonder how you built up a debt?

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