Hi :D Request for A Shool Work !

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lily, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi people, I am a French student in cartoon film 3D. I'm 20 and i'm suscribe to this forum for search informations for a school project.

    For my project of the end of year, the main subject is the Navy, and I decided to realize two pictures of the English vessel " Victory ", but having no possibility of travelling in England because of the too expensive price, I'm asking for your help.

    For this work, I need to have most (good quality) possible images of the inside of this vessel. Exactly, I would like photos or drawings of the captain's cabin. But I take any photo of this vessel, whatever.
    I also look for all the old stories concerning this boat.

    Thank you !
  2. lily - how about in the interests of "entente cordiale" you show us a picture of you first
  3. Bonsoir et bienvenue! :thumright: HMS Victory c'est le Vaisseau de Guerre Britannique, il n'est pas simplement Anglais.

    Excuses pour mon Français faible. Si tout va bien quelqu'un peut vous aider. :dontknow:
  4. In the words of Delboy - "MANGETOUT LILY MANGETOUT"
  5. Bonsoir Lily! Ca va? bienvenu............
  6. can everyone stop speaking johnny spicco

    1. we won the war and therefore the right to speak english

    2. you could be calling me a tw*t and i wouldnt know it
  7. Oh !!! thank You ! Your french is very good :D ! (not as my english T_T)
    you may to speak english, I understand ^_^

    Do you don't think that somebody people don't help me in this forum ? Because your last sentence tell that he had people who can help me, but your smiley say the contrary ^^° Sorry but is so hard for me to understand ^^°

    Thank you for the answer :D
  8. They are so now you know.
  9. oh for crying out loud......................... another one.......... STOP IT!!

    hören Sie es auf

  10. if you can speak / read good enough anglais to find and access this forum- you can read / write bloody english!!!!!!!!!
  11. BH - calm down girl I'm trying to get her to post some"artistic" frenchy phots,

    dont blow it now - well perhaps she -

    no better not go there
  12. I'm trying my best to write good english but it's not my main language so please be comprehensive

    I'm only here to look for some informations for my school work, and I thought that this forum would be a good beginning for my researches.
  13. Diolch yn Fawr shagger!! :thumright:

    Lily chateau neuf de pap is used on a T.V programme about a rough bloke from Peckham *cough* who sell dodgy gear innit!!! And if you understand that you are so obviously not French!
  14. Google et votre ami Lilly

    Results 1 - 20 of about 103,000 for HMS Victory images. (0.12 seconds)

    Beaucoup de images , searchez vous.....

    (French GCE grade E (Fail) 1976) I'm just glad the civilised world speaks the Queens English, as my French is merde :tp: ........however some of the girls in the French class at school :thumright: .......... well thats another story! :toothy3:
  15. Lily, do you live in Normandie?

  16. ...French Walt?

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