hi! any advice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by steveo_2e, May 6, 2009.

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  1. hey every1 im steve im 20 years old, about september time i decided i wanted to join the navy! ive decided id like to join the subs as a marine engineer! ive got my date for the pyschometric test! i was just wondering if any1 had any advice for this!!? also how strict are they on the basic fitness test as altho ive been training hard i still get worried as im overweight!! :S
  2. thank you very much m8 its a very good link!!
  3. You're welcome!

    Height and weight?
  4. well im 5ft 7.5 and 15.6!! i know its alot but i can do the sit ups and press ups! and i can run 3.5miles in 35mins not massively fast but i think i should pass the fitness test
  5. cheers m8 thank you very much i think my diet is good im coming down a fair bit n my diet is reasonable i dont have sugar in tea or anything i dont eat sweet at all! im quite partial to a take away on a weekend! i have salad with fish or chicken twice a day! and im running 3/4 times a week press ups and sit ups and weights 3/4 a week aswell
  6. So. Many. Exclamation. Marks.
  7. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Hello Steve. Good luck with with the application however your BMI is on the high side and the AFCO may advise you to lose some weight. Keep on with the training and your fitness and times will improve.
    Good luck
  8. I'm in a similar situation with the weight thing, need to lose a bit and get fitter before I'm ready; personally, I'd advise you to eat a lot of protein to help your muscles recover after exercise, and cut down on carbs like white bread [but keep the complex ones in, wholemeal and oats etc]. Oh, and dairy's a killer for me; I find if I eat less dairy, the weight goes a lot faster. That seems to work for me!
    Best of luck mate.
  9. would they turn me away at afco because of my weight? even if i could pass the 1.5mile run? ive been down n met the chief at my local afco and she gave me an application for she never mentioned my weight!??
    thanks nikki and good luck to you too!
  10. Doubt it, I saw a guy in the AFCO when I went for my interview. Must've been 5'9" and 18 stone.

    Tatts on his neck and hands and he still got given an application form. Although it was by an RAF recruiter.
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hello mate, good luck with your application. May I ask why you've chosen ME and subs?
  12. Sorry, I meant him being turned away. And I was re-itterating what you said :oops:
  13. ive chosen that as i love mechanics, working with my hands and making things work! whenever i use something i like to know how it works aswell. the subs rather than surface as its abit different not many people would get that chance! navy in general as its brilliant for being able to better yourself and see the world. also my dad was in, his dad and my mums dad.
  14. Hey guys, trying to work on my fitness too, I'm 5'10'' and I weigh 11st, but after I passed my Aircrew medical, they said I need to tone up more. At the same time I want to work on my stamina. I've read about Fartlek Training from www.brianmac.co.uk/fartlek.htm. Can anyone tell me which is the best one to do?

    Also whats the best way to compliment a training regime in terms of diet? I've read that it's all in moderation, yet I dont believe that for a second. Any recommendations along the lines of "None of these...", "Only these..." etc?

    Last thing, along with the cardio and diet, what weights are best for most impact?

    I've put my usual workout below:-

    2m jog
    2.5k run
    50 floors worth of steps
    2000m on rower
    5k bike ride
    10 minutes on cross trainer

    300 sit ups
    Decreasing sets on fly machine i.e: 3x6 at 75kg, 3x8 at 70kg, 3x10 at 65kg, 3x12 at 60kg
    same for pull down, tricep, ab crunch, arm lift

    Thanks alot
  15. sorry i meant 2 miles jog not 2 metres lol i was going to replace my 2.5k with some fartlek. Is i it effective?
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    At risk of getting incoming from the submariners, if it's pure hands on that you are interested in. You will get more in surface ships. Submariners tend more towards the plant operation side of things, the nature of their job means they are restricted as to being able to stand kit down to work on it. Most submariners I know and work with would admit that.
  17. You've obviously not done an AMP back aft, when the kettle is shut down it's all hands on. Steam driven vessels require a lot of hard work to keep the hot fog in the pipes so ME's tend to dig out far more than other branches alongside, but there again I am biased. At sea I would agree it's all plant operation (until it goes TU) :lol:
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    As a skimmer, obviously I haven't done an AMP back aft, however I have been unfortunate enough to do refit work on a V boat. Obviously I was talking about when you are at sea, as my post states, "the nature of their job means they are restricted as to being able to stand kit down to work on it." You did agree with me with your last sentence though. :)
  19. Athough not arguing with you, I contend this BMI is a right load of Boll**s,
    I worked as a Para Medic until my accident, and whilst in the Andrew was a Light Heavy boxer.
    According to the BM index there was never a time whilst fighting that I was not (on the BM scale) obese. This would have applied to atheletes such as Daley Thompson, Mohammed Ali, Henry Cooper, and Linford Christie. It does not seem to allow for body structure, and muscle being heavier than fat.
    My Doctor at present has told me I am officially obese, but my waist size is 36" and I am 6ft.
    So soldier on and be guided by the "Experts" who run todays show, as its a case of "when in Rome".

    Good Luck

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