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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. I'm not gonna beat around the bush, I'm 21 in February and I joined the Army when I was 17, I lasted 6 weeks... half of me was happy with that decision, half of me was unhappy.

    I'm gutted I left because I've done absolutely nothing since, gone from small odd jobs to not working back to odd jobs again. There is nothing in my area.

    I'm glad I left because on reflection, I wish I'd joined the Navy now (No disrespect to our boys in green)

    I don't know if it's the same in the Navy, but during basic in the Army, you get a weekly score out of 10 for all different points of your performance, mine was average, 7 out of 10.

    Now I DEFINITELY WANT to join the Navy as a Medical Assistant (General Service), how will my Army history (Or lack of history) affect my chances?

    I know when I was in the Army, there were boys who had been in before and came back because they said it was the biggest mistake they'd made, but we're talking Army to Army, not Army to Navy, so it might be more difficult for me!

    Will there be any way to clarify to the Navy that I'm fully matured now and would be giving 110% effort and service to the Navy?

    Also, none of you need to mention that I'm passed my window so I'd better be making sure I know what I'm doing as I know if I got in, I'm in there for nearly 4 years with NO CHANCE of leaving. But I've accepted this because I want to do it and NOT leave and piss about (Excuse my language)

    So please, any advice would be great.

    Thanks in advance people!

  2. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    I can't see it holding you back, you have probably grown up a bit in the last four years.

    What may be a bigger minus is the fact that you've gone from job to job ever since, they may look on it as meaning that you can't stick at anything!
  3. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Thanks for your reply mate.

    That is a good point.

    I wouldn't be applying until June/July 07 anyway because this time, I will want to be that fit, strong, knowledgeable on my job/duty, up to speed with ironing, cleaning that I'll be sort of doing my own basic before I start, except without the screaming Sergeants, Corporals, etc... so when I eventually start basic, it'll be easy with regards to PT, early rising, etc. So it's gonna take a lot of preparation from now!

    So do you think it's a good idea to get ANY job until then and stick at it?

    That would give me 6 months from now until I apply and probably make it 9 months - a year in this job by the time I get to selection?!

    Also, I should imagine that Basic in the Navy is the same level of toughness as the Army, but why is it 8 weeks instead of 12 like the Army?

    Cheers in advance!
  4. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    I don't know if you really need so much preparation, you will learn how to iron your kit in basic, and if you don't get up in the mornings you'll know all about it!

    If you're not applying till next year (remember that the joining procedure can take a while), I'd say get a job and stick with it, and if possible find a local Sea Cadet unit and ask if you can help out.

    It'll give you the chance to learn a bit and will also demonstrate to the Navy that you really are interested, plus you'll be helping an institution that really does a lot for kids.

    Don't take my advice for Gospel though, I'd recommend talking to the careers office too, as they can tell you exactly what they're looking for in a recruit.
  5. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    You Wont Need as much prep for the simple fact that its gonna take you up to nearly 2 yrs before you get in as an MA. The waiting times have gone up alot. It Took my friend nearly 2 and a half to get in as an MA.

    Aslong as your showing that you are doin fitness, workin hard in civvy life your army past will help more then hinder against you.

    The basic training is not so much focused on being a SOILDER you dont really do much of that, you do a little bit, but not as much as in the army.

    look at this link


    (go into all the links on the left hand side)

    plus when you apply you go onto a 4 day course to see what the navy is really like.

    look at this link for that


    hope that helps mate. we have all been there.
  6. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Thanks for the advice Tartan, very much appreciated... I've read about that Cadet training. Is it the same as Navy Prep training? Because I've read about that and it looks really good.

    Also, thanks to you Pooley,

    Thanks for posting them links about training, but I've read all of them and the diary... that's me all over, I've got an obsessive personality, when I'm into something, I am into it.

    Didn't read the 4 day course page though... will do after this.

    Yeah, the Medic thing is really what I want to do, but my father's saying I should go for Engineering... he said that if I go in as a Medical assistant I'll be straight in Afghanistan or Iraq patching up injured marines... and I was trying to explain that being an engineer carries a risk factor too and that any force you go into carries a risk! lol

    Question though, lol, I currently have Whiplash of the Traps muscle from this chav who totaled my car 4 weeks ago ... the process or comp is currently going through... would this injury hinder my progress, even when it's healed and gone?

    Could they say that I carry a risk of having it injured again and not accept me?
  7. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav


    I think all recruiters will be able to see you for who you are now, not who you were as a pup. 17 is very young to be in the forces, you're still a child then. You're an adult now and as such have concerns that you didn't have at 17. You now realise that you need a good career- maybe when you were 17 you just wanted to play soldiers, it's not uncommon! And let's face it, most people's first thought when the forces are mentioned is the army. You know your options better now. I don't think having been in the army will hinder you. As long as when you get your interview you convey to the officer what you've told us, i think it will be fine. During interviews they listen to your strengths and weaknesses, and it's no bad thing to let you weaknesses show- it gives a good idea whether you'll be suitable.

    What trade did you intend to do in the army? I'm sure you've picked up skills along the way that the Navy would like. Your recruiting officer will like to hear about any experience you have.

    Don't know about the whiplash, the medical involves questions about if you've had a joint disorder, but i don't remember anything like that. Everyone has injuries so i'm sure you'll be fine. Keep us posted.
  8. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

  9. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Hey, welcome to RR and good luck xx
  10. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    You hit it right on the head there lol! That's exactly what it was... I never thought of the Career, I just thought of becoming Solid Snake lol!

    But as you've said, I'm matured now, I want to go in for the right reasons, and that's a good career where I'll be rewarded for my input.

    The thing is, I'll be honest, I haven't done much at all since I left the Army. I've been so depressed (Not officially) and I kept myself going mainly by selling this and that on eBay, again not officially or registered with the tax-man!

    In the Army, I went in for the Royal Armored Core.

    The main reason I left was because I foolishly had a girlfriend about 3 months before I went in... I'm not with her now and I definitely would NOT being having any ties before going in this time!

    Well there are 2 jobs I've been looking at which have really caught my attention and that's the Marine Engineering and the Medical Assistant!

    I don't know if I'm too dull to do the Marine Engineering or not... I've lost a lot of confidence that I used to have when I was younger!

    I suppose it would be found out straight away through tests, whether or not I would be clever enough for it... I suppose that if I saw on a test result that I was clever enough to do it, it may inspire confidence!

    But as for basic, well I wouldn't be doing basic to pass this time, I'd be doing it to win best new recruit, assuming you have such an award, we had it in basic in the army.

    Thanks again people for your reply. I have sent away for an information pack and I'll be visiting the careers office after Christmas!
  11. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

  12. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Creddly, you wouldn't be the only who thought that's what army life would be like, so no shame in telling AFCO staff the same thing. But what it means is you have experience in washing, ironing, taking orders, doing drill and suchlike. All positives. Also, you have real life 'civvy' experience too.

    Don't tell them you've been depressed- even if you don't mean in the clinical sense, it'll stop them dead. Just say your sense of worth is greater when you have a challenging job and so the RN is right up your street.

    Just because you haven't had a proper job doesn't mean you don't have skills. Titting around on eBay, or 'good with computers'? You just need to turn each issue you have into something that can work for you.

    As for your chosen trade, i'm biased as i will be going in as ET(ME). But what i did was reserved judgement until i passed the test and then chose. Both seem to be great trades (popular though), and as long as you have the drive (which you seem to), then you will be fine. I don't think any of what is worrying you will be an issue as long as you can accurately convey how you feel.
  13. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Creddly, Daft as it may seem, think positive not negitive, this is important at anything that you wish to do in life, tea cup half full so to speak.
    You have knowledge and experiance of service life, grown up over the past few years, your young and fit .
    Set your goals and aims in life and tackle each step as it presents itself.

    Go for it, matey

    Good luck. RB
  14. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Snapdragon, your advice is invaluable.

    You've really helped me here... that goes for everyone else too, thank you.

    I'm also glad you mentioned 'Good with computers?' because I am actually lol. I'm no expert, but I can build them and use all the office programs with ease! But how will I explain this to them in an interview... won't they look on the fact that I sold things without being taxed registered with contempt? Or do I not mention it and just explain what I did and how I'm good with computers?

    Also a good point, you mentioned that I know about drill, taking orders, ironing etc. I still to this day remember all the drill from the army and before I left, I did pass my week 6 test so I could walk around and do drill with calling out the counts! I think drill is something you never forget! Although out of everything in military life, that is BY FAR my biggest fear... cocking up on a passing out parade (Shudder shudder shudder :( )

    Before going in this time I would be practicing my ironing, getting up every morning at 5:30am, etc. Like I said, I would be doing my own minor basic just without the screaming trainers! lol

    Good luck with your career Snapdragon! I hope everything goes great for you!

    How old are you by the way? When did you apply? Give me all the details! lol

    LOL, I don't see it as biased... no disrespect towards the Medical Assistants or people choosing that, but I see the ET being harder to get into and the tests also being harder.

    I would actually prefer the Marine Engineering, but I just don't think I'm intelligent enough for it, even though you don't require qualifications.

    Thanks again Snapdragon!
  15. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Hi Rugger Bob!

    I'm going to assume that's your name because you play Rugby for The Navy? lol

    Thanks for your advice too!

    This is another great thing about entering the service... the people there are really helpful and want to get on like you!

    They're not a bunch of idiots on the factory floor pissing about! (Excuse my language)

    I also entered a plumbing course in college when I left the Army, but I left that because I couldn't get on with anyone on the course.

    The boys on the course were idiots basically!

    Instead of getting on with their work and tasks, they would piss about and try to cock yours up thinking it's funny. They would talk excessively about getting drunk on the weekend and how they couldn't be arsed to do the work there!

    I wouldn't inform the Navy of this though as they would probably think it's my fault as I was the one that left, and sort of the odd one out! lol

    Thanks again Rugger Bob!!! :D
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Not suitable - split personality! Ever thought about going an Occifer?! :lol:
  17. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Lol, I'm too dull for that!
  18. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    You are perfect then lol
  19. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Haha, I sense a bit of contempt for the Officers!

    Or are we talking about Officers who start as an Officer or work their way up from scratch?

    I remember in the Army, this one Officer (2nd Lieutenant) who had come in straight from Sandhurst was asking this Corporal for advice! :p
  20. Re: Hi, Another 'Wanting to Join post!' from a Nav

    Ermmmm,well in my day the MA's training was the Longest non Tiffy training in the RN for ratings,it took nearly 18 months to train an MA.Longer if you were too young to start part 3 Training on the Wards,so you got a drop of Seatime in as a JMA or PMA.I beleive that the entrance test marks for MA Training was one of the highest.Lets face it you shouldnt really let numpties loose with Human lives and Medicines that have the ability to kill!No disrespect to Stokers but they were regarded as not having much of a chance on Mastermind!Things may have changed since the 70's and 80's though.If i were you go for MA,but then im a tad biased :lol:

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