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  1. Just a quick hello, been browsing the forums for a few weeks but took the plunge and signed up.

    Took my RT today and passed, honestly never been so nervous in my life. Certainly harder than I expected. The wait for the results was the worst part, and being the last person taken in with everyone else failing (?!!), you could say I'm relieved. I'm going for AET, although Aircrewman looks great. I'd be pushing it at 25 years old. What's your experience of both roles? Interview sorted for a weeks time.

    Thanks for the great forum!
  2. AET will be far more useful to you when it comes to parting company with the RN
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  3. Hey Slim, those are my thoughts exactly. Aircrewman looks like alot of fun, but I wasn't sure what I could do with it after my service (IF I get in). Will stick with my first choice as AET.
  4. Aircrewman will be infinitely more interesting though, and would definitely increase your trapping ability / chat up lines.
  5. How do you know a matelot is aircrew................He will soon tell you:p:D:p

    Rating aircrew also known as a Winch Weight
  6. I resemble those remarks.....:rolleyes:
  7. Dope on a rope!

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  8. AET - great job with a good chance of getting a job when you leave!! However, Aircrewman is a fantastic job with great prospects for getting a job outside- most recent leavers have walked into SAR jobs all around the world and even the oil rigs need crewies for getting people back and forth!! Crewman is a shortage branch (so lots of extra work), with good pay (more than AET) - we get loads of banter from the rest of the fleet because they didn't make the grade to be Aircrewman and ended up in rubbish jobs!! It's basically a jealously pedestal they put us on!! Xxx
  9. However don't forget AET's are trained winch weights on Lynx flights. So don't stick yourself too high on the pedestal

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  10. That is absolutely correct!!! Crewman can also do a left hand seat course but it doesn't make them a pilot!!! And pilots do After flight servicing but that doesn't make them an AET!! There is an Ex Lynx winch weight in Crewman's course now - not "breezing" it even with all their experience!!

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  11. Aircrew servicing!! , I remember a sea harrier coming back from a land away with all the pins still fitted in the seat and external pylons very good AF/BF. The exact works were "we won't tell anybody about this PO?".

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  12. Would you let the taxi driver get out and do an oil change?
  13. Although aircrew servicing is from the ground as they don't do "working at height" courses so no levels can be checked - bit of a standard pussers , waste of time!!

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  14. "Pssssttt. Behind you"

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  15. What a caring pilot you had; saving the lads the trouble of having to fit the pins after flight. A bit like the time we launched from VL and as I tucked in under the lead it became pretty obvious that someone had neglected to nail Panel 69 back on and someone had neglected to check it before slipping the surly bonds of Earth :)
  16. Good job he never had his grip stored in there!

    The said Pilot had 3 rings, so not a sprog

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  17. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I know of one flying maintainer who was nominated as part of the crew if the cab was called for a SAR job. The P2 was broken and he was left hand seat qualified so the flt commander said he was crew.
  18. Hey all, passed my selection interview for AET, filled and completed my SC and about to take my eye exam. Now they say the really tough bit.. medical and fitness. I'm more nervous about the medical than the interview itself! Fitness, not so much.

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