Hi all.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Snoopy, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Just thought i'd drop by and say hello.

    I'm shaun, 20 years of age from Richmond, North Yorkshire.I'm hoping to persue a career in the RN as a Clearence Diver.

    My question is.

    I have Colour blindness (Quite bad, out of 12 colour perception test cards. i manage usually 1)

    Is there any real point in me even applying for the job role in question. Family members and ex servicemen (army) have told me that i'm "wasting my time"

    I hope i have posted everything in the right section. Any advice you have will be put to great use.

    Thanks for the time, Hope to chat to you all soon.

  2. What if you have to cut the red wire and you cut the blue wire insted ??BOOOOOM :D
  3. But Chris, surely the enemy would be breaching the Disability Discrimination Act but putting colour blind matelots at a disadvantage??!! 8O :roll:
  4. Hi Shaun,

    Your best bet is to pop into your nearest careers office and ask about getting the eye-sight standards for the branch you want (Mine clearance diver). You can then ask an optician to grade you against the RN requirements and therefore definitely know whether you would be eligiable.

    Best of luck



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