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Hi All.


Hi All.
I'm trying to find out where HMS Ashanti F 117
Ship's bell is...
I've heard you can view it if you we're Christened in it, (which I was)
I did hear many years ago a council now has possession of it & you can have a private
viewing by appointment but i cannot recollect
Can anyone shed some light on it's whereabouts.
Many Thanks, Stay safe


War Hero
From initial replies, it appears the bell may be in Either the Trophy Store in Portsmouth dockyard or the Trophy Store in HMS Nelson. I'll keep you updated as the answers come in!!


War Hero

"Guys for info, Trophy Store is no longer located in HMS Nelson. When Hardy Block, it's location for years, was demolished. A new store was opened in the dockyard. Like the original store it us not open to the general public."

Update is from a member of the Tribal Group of FB

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