Hi all just a few questions from an ex squaddie

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by guterslohwire, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone just thought i would put a quick post on here to ask some quick questions about a few things i would like to know before i join up as an S.A. And before you ask while i was in the army i was a Technical Storeman in the REME so know quite abit about counting blankets and the like. The first question i have is about married quarters hwat are they like and when am i likely able to move into one. and the second question is regarding medals when will i have to get them mounted for my pass off parade or when im actually out of training.
    cheers for your help and im looking forward to your replys
  2. Hey there,

    If you are married then you will get married quarters once you have finished your training (not sure if this is your professional or just basic) With regards to your medals, you were there and you earned the right to wear them. I am a reservist and have been told that if i get my markmans badge for shooting, get deployed and am eligable for a medal and sould i join up i'm entitled to wear the said decorations.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Cheers for the advice yes iam married have been for nearly nine years now so have seen a few married quarters during my time in the army. I was just asking the question as we would both like to know what the houses are like and what we can expect when we move in regarding the house ie how often we are likely to move about is it every three years like the army or is it more stable
    cheers again for your answers
  4. i had a friend who had married quarters at collingwood when he was still in branch training. might be best trying to find out where your draft is first. you dont want quarters in plymouth when your drafted to pompey obviasly.
    Also we dnt have SA's any more :) There AB Logestion (spelling) Supply chain
  5. Easier just to say AB Logs ;)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, yes Supply Chain Logisticians/SCL (aka Stores Accountants/Blanket counters).

    You can apply for a MQ in Phase 2 training at HMS Raleigh, but as already pointed out, you're better off seeing where your ship is going to be based first.

    Medals/decorations can be worn from the outset on number one uniform- always good fun on the passing in (Yes IN!) parade as there's a good chance you'll probably have more than the inspecting officer. (Jubilee medal aside).

    When you apply at the AFCO you'll need your Army Red Book (Certificate of Service, Original[not Temp] Discharge Certificate & Testimonial if held) last pay chits (so as you get awarded seniority in pay). You will need to sign consent forms for the release of your former Medical Records & Army B200 (Disciplinary Record). Once approval has been given to process your application, which usually takes about a month or two, you are then processed the same as any other recruit except that Security Clearance must be granted before you can be allocated an entry date. Current waiting time to join as a SCL is 12 months General Service or "blummin' quick" if you want to be a submariner.

    Good Luck.
  7. hi thanks for your replys im already going through the recruting process and have only got the fitness test left to do so it looks like im going to have to wait for 12 months then to go through basic oh well another year in a crappy job wont hurt me will it. As for medals i have two, bosnia and golden jubilee i was also out on telic 1 but only did two months out there so dont know if im entitled to that one aswell as i got cas evaced back to cyprus from kuwait.
  8. do you think catching impertigo from a insect bite counts i got out to kuwait in feb 2003 and came home at the end of march beginning of april so i think i might just qualify for it
  9. Definitely eligible if you're casevac'd - happened in Bosnia to someone stepping off the flight steps on th inbound a/c, and has happened again on Telic (one stepping of the ramp of a Hercules coming into theatre, and one slipping on the freshly polished floor (no signs) of the Field Hospital on his first day!!!!).

    Minimum criteria is 30 days I think, so you'll be eligible anyway.

    You'll be more stable MQ wide in the RN as, though you'll change ships every 18 months - 2 years, you tend to stay in the same 'base port', so your family stays in the same place!! MQs - Service Quarters now? - tend to vary like they do in the Army - some are great, some less so.

    If you want to get in quicker, as the previous poster said, go submarines. More pay, but you'll be based in either Guzz (Plymouth) or Faslane (near Glasgow).
  10. Hi all just a quick update on my progress i passed my PJFT on friday, so now the long wait begins before i get to start basic which im actually looking forward to.
  11. Well done mate. I thought the SA branch was a shortage one just now, if so why the 12 month wait?
  12. When i last went to the Afco i was told it was a 12 month wait so if it has changed that will be good
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Logistician Supply Chain is roughly 12 months from sitting the Recruiting Test to entry date.

    Logistician Supply Chain (Submariner) is 3 months (ish).

    Reason for the wait? Number of courses being run per year, divided by number of applicants. At the moment there's a year's worth of applicants.

    Waiting times vary throughout the year, it's particularly busy at the moment as there's hordes of school leavers battering down the doors of the AFCOs.
  14. Iraq medal

    Have a look at that - did you manage 7 days after 19 March? you'll get the clasp aswell!
  15. i think i qualify for the clasp too as i was sat in kuwait for about a month before it all kicked off and didnt get cas evaced till the last week in march also been to the afco at dinner and they have put a bid in for my jopining date hope its sooner than 12 months but if i have to wait it isnt a problem for me just means ill be another year older and wiser lol and it will be 15 years to the year when i first went through my army basic training

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