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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Got back from my dads last night and I've wasted no time in phoning up for my discharge and medical docs from the Army.

    First off, I phoned up the AFCO I visited for the presentation before Christmas and explained that I was to phone up if I couldn't find my docs.

    I phoned up, the Officer said that it's to do with the Army and I'm to get into contact with them. He told me to hang on because he might have a number, waited literally 5 minutes on the phone and thought he had gone, lol! He came back with a number! GREAT!!!

    Phoned it up, got through to an Army call centre. Explained everything to her, and she said that I've got to get those documents from AFCO as they are originals or something. I explained that I'd just phoned them up and she said she didn't know what else to suggest!

    So I turn to my Naval friends who's advice has been invaluable thus far...

    Any suggestions people? lol

    I've already got one idea. I'm going down to the AFCO again tomorrow. But I don't want them to simply give me the number I've already got here!

    Please help :?
  2. Credders
    You have my sympathy mate but i kind help you on this occasion
  3. Write to them, with all your details and send a copy to the Army and AFCO, BUT SEND IT RECORED DELIVERY !!!
  4. Thanks for the advice.

    Where do I send both letters though? lol

    Do I address the letter going to AFCO to the Army or the Navy?

  6. Actually, when sending recorded delivery, I never use a stamp. I simply stick on the bar code and give it to the lady at the post office! :p

    So definitely write to the AFCO that I attended to join?

    What do I put on the letter, so they know it's me?

    Do I put my Army service number on it?

    What other information would help them find MY documents asap?
  7. Best tip I can give is don't be a smart arse, I am trying to help you, it will never do you any favours if you join the service's, If you done that to a PO or Chief, doesn't bare thinking about :( .

    Put all your info on the letter, date of interview for Army, joining date, service number, leaving date, discharge number if there is such a thing., home address then if it changed, who your NCO was at the time .
  8. dont think he was trying to be a smart arse there son.... just stateing what he does when using the postal service...

    creedly why hello my good son.. advice get the number for the army basic training facility phone them and explain to them about what ever happened to the documents and see if you can get them reproduced... thats what i would of done but i have no idea which is the basic training so couldnt find a number for you...

    try come on msn as sooon as..... i leave at 9am tomorrow for HMS raleigh so have a chat to ya let us know how u get on....

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