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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by snapdragon, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Do you get chance to go HGV tests in the mob? I don't have 7.5t entitlement having passed my driving test after '97. Would like to do at least Class 2 (or whatever it's called now). Other Half reckons i'd have the chance, i'm not so sure. Do you get many wagons at sea? :)
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I have (old School) HGV1 and PSV but took them in my ressetlement piss up..sorry..course
  3. I know that there are HGV/Class C drivers in the Mob 'cos they were identified for operational reasons a few years back.

    I think they're loggies who drive heavy ammunition about.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    you dont just get to do the course snapdragon, there has to be a need for you to do it whilst still serving i.e being a driver.
  5. Yeah, i gathered, which is why i told Other Half he was being silly. But if i can do it eventually, that'd be great.
  6. Are you going in for LOGS as your branch Snappy ?
  7. Nooo. I'm after proof that i am right and logistics-manager-class-2-driver-after-taking-the-test-after-no-lessons Boyfriend is wrong.

    Though i would like to drive a truck with the horn and all. Baaaaaaaap!
  8. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Flick the fibbing toerags gonnads next time he's on his vinegar strokes love :twisted: :mrgreen:
  10. Oooo, no!

    He just suggested to me and my soon-to-be Crab friend that we should do our HGV tests while we're in the forces. I said i didn't think i'd be able to, but would like to. Maybe my friend will be able to.
  11. You could always do it before you go in as its a nice little earner when on leave
  12. Got my HGV1 whilst in the mob,but it was for the job I had to do in Italy..
    Don't think you can just ask to do it..unless you've got the right shape (ie big tits, etc:) and then maybe you can persuade the right guys!!...but maybe on a resettlement course on leaving??
  13. Reminds me of the old MT school--next door to the SAH at Culdrose---from 3 Tonners to Queen Mary's.
  14. And me mate. Did my fork lift and crash crane, tractor, HGV3 & HGV2 (Nubian 6x6) at SAH. Also did my HGV1 on resettlement course in Liverpool.
  15. I did my Class 1 and 2 about 3 years ago but only because of the job I was doing at the time. You have to be able to justify it up the ying yang. I believe WAFU's and MEMS etc on SFM (Supporting the small ships deployments) have HGV as an adqual, and strangely enough if you are drafted to the RN recruiting team they need a class 2 !!
  16. I was offered HGV or PARA course. Due to taxpayers footing the bill crap.

    Went for PARA.

    Idiots on the highways these days I think I did right. One less idiot driving a HGV!
  17. hi snappers

    I currently hold a HGV class 1 or in other words can drive very big trucks with a bend in them (yes I have been pulled over!!! imagine the scene female, 5' 1" and does not look a day older than 16, sitting in a very big green bread truck. with a nice police officer asking me if i have a licence to drive the vehicle)
    .. i'm not trying putting you off i'm just letting you know what the government is about to do.
    Not only do you have to go through the riggers of the DSA test, but they are about to put another restiction on HGV divers, its called a CPC in driving or Certificate Of Professional Competence in comercial driving. it will cost about £300 and you will have to have this licence to drive trucks on a comercial level. The licence will then have to be retaken every 5 yrs. ok I admit its not due in till 2008/9 it's just another buggerance that goes with the long hours and agro that you get on the roads... but if you can put up with that getting you HGV outside or inside the mob isn't a bad thing.

    as Stillabuting said you have to justify the reason as to why you should do your HGV course, but if you can, i would do it! .It is much easer in the forces than it is in civi street. I was lucky, I was in a signals unit in the TA that moved around in trucks,..... ergo I need my licence so I could move the trucks from one training area to another.

    hope this helps

    PS I hope you do get your HGV licence, it is a lot of fun if you don't mind the agro that goes with it.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ship_rat, this new license that is needed all stems from this tax grabbing bunch of twAts that we currently have in government. 2 years ago everyone was on their high horses about the new licensing laws affecting pubs, they missed the point, there were new licenses brought in for everything, the pub trade hue har, was a huge smoke screen for a universal raising of tax's.
  19. There are billets where you are required to be a driver. It depends upon what type of vehicles the unit has as to what license is required.

    In the '80s the courses were run by the RAF at St Athans in Wales. I did my basic driving course there, but there were other matelots doing their HGV courses. Mostly small ships FSU types or Divers.

    Worryingly, the crushers sent their Killick Dogs there, but they didn't mix with the likes of us.
    The rule was you got 3 bites of the cherry, then it was up to your parent unit as to whether you stayed on the course, or got binned.

    When I joined, a Killick Dog had just failed his 3rd basic test. When I left, 2 weeks later, he'd just failed his 6th!

    Would you want this man nicking you and taking you back onboard in his Pusser's Tilly?
  20. hi
    yep, I am not that bothered i'm joining the mob,I will only use my licence as a fall back if times a hard, if and when I leave not before! some respecs its not a bad idea in theory, and it has been put in place so that the younger divers can come in at 21 and be able to dive the trucks. there is at the moment a national shortage of drivers!
    its amazzing at the moment, at 21 you can get your HGV but unless you can get a big company to take you on, as a driver under the young drivers scheme you have no chance of using it till you are 25, I have had my HGV for 3yrs and nobody would let me drive (apart from the army) because thay could not insure me as I am under 25yrs old! (well until midnight tonight) there are loads of young drivers out there but the insursers just won't insure you at that age.
    But i do feel sorry for the drivers, I live with a HGV famliy and times can get very hard and this isn't going to help them.


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