Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gingerben, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. hey

    in new to the site, u may have guessed, just wanted to say hello introduce my self.

    im an apprentice electrical fitter (just finishing)
    18 years old, love the water, being outdoors,

    the last two years ive disliked what i am doing so i decided to do something about it,
    last November i applied for the Mine Clearance divers, my interview is on tuesday.

    (any pointers or tips would be appriciated)

    i started training in november, and my fitness levels have shot up, (still a fair way to go though)

    (any pointers or tips on this would be great to)

    well thats roughtly me, will lookforward toanyones reply.
    javascript:emoticon('post', 'message', ':lol:')


  2. Thought i smelt piss.......... kidding!


    Good luck with the interview, just remain confident, remeber their looking to recruit you not reasons not to!

  3. A fine branch to enter and one where technical skills will stand you in good stead. Good luck with your interview. Come back and tell us how you got on, if only for the benefit of those following in your footsteps.
  4. i dont get it.. prob me just being stupid and not realising the obviours,, has been a long day..lol

    cheers for the luck, and ill post on wed to tell u all how i did. (hopefully good news)

    cheers also for the links, a few things mentioned that i havnt already done.

  5. Take it you have never heard that Ginnogs smell like piss?

    Was just a joke anyway mate, but yeh post back and let us know how the interview go's.

    Good luck!
  6. nope never heard of that one..

    i didnt take offence anyway, 2 and a bit years as an apprentice taught me that. lol

  7. passed the interview..

    he said i had clearly done alot of research.

    medical in a couple of weeks

  8. Excellent News!

    Well done, GingerBen!

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