Luckily for us NZers it's all smoke and mirrors, CGI done by Weta Studios (same bunch as worked with Peter Jackson on the Lord of the Rings movies), supposed to be pretty funny. Real thing wouldn't be, 4 Million people against 45 (or there abouts) million sheep you do the math.... AAARRGGGHHH
Just watched it...sort of like - "An American Werewolf in London",
only in New Zealand....in a field.........with sheep...that eat people.
errrrrr.....perhaps not like "An American Werewolf in London".
Now waiting for Bernard Matthews production of:
"I was a Teenage Mutant Wereturkey Twizzler" :thumright:
Now BBD that a shocking thing to see first thing on a bright and frosty morning, just as well i know the magic words..."Mint Sauce." Works every time. :w00t:
Haven't seen the movie, yet waiting for it to come out on DVD as Sis in Law runs a video shop so all free (Porn must be returned clean though!!).
Thanks to P.O.L as well, sorry took advice of American spell checker..I'm an Ex Bootie for fecks sake can't have the chunky watch and use a dicktionarry too ^~
golden_rivet said:
This could seriously upset Polar - better make sure he doesn't get to see this - or else Morag will be lamb chops

Mmmm! Lamb Chops a la Morag! With roasted potatoes and kumera, carrots and string beans straight out of Mum's garden. All drizzled with caper sauce. Heaven!!

ps sorry pols PM coming your way xx :flower:
Er NZ, would not want to worry you mate, but it looks like the sheep R&D types have come up with something to counter the magic words

Pols going to sheep-dog trials this weekend (seriously). Don't fry Morag, let me do that in a warm oven about gas mark 4....

ps Again PM your way sea-daddy xxx
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