Hey, Im scared about something.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Thriller, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Hey, right firstly im new so hey, secondly im 18 and i want to join the RN but im really scared about the medical exam that you have to take, (i know im silly) but its just freaks me out. So yeah i just want to know what happens at a medical exam?? like does some old women (picture Maggie Thatcher) come along and strip you down naked a poke you :cry: Thanks guys/girls.
  2. Don't worry about the medical examination. It is not a lot different to going to your GP and having a proper health check.
    Why not book an appointment with your GP and tell him you would like to be fully checked over?
  3. It's nothing to worry about. After it you will be amazed you made such a big deal of it; it's nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. As long as you can cough.
  5. They're only gonna check you've got all the requesite digits and appendages and that they all point the right way. Also they will check that you can see and hear.

    Its after you've joined when you are theirs that they will then poke and prod you to their hearts content, usually with great big needles n lots of 'em
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    thats sooooo mean . :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Yeah 'Josiecats' is right it was mean. Some of the needles are not that big and I really don't remember any of 'em looking like Maggie Thatch tho' the dental hygenists were very pleasant
  8. There must be a reason why you are worried about the medical?There really is no need to,unless you have a skeleton in the cupboard.As previously stated its just a routine run of the mill Medical to see that youre not a mutant carrying a horrendous catching disease!
  9. You don't even get checked for joined up talking until you get to Raleigh

  10. The reason why im worried is because i have never had a medical exam before (not that i can remember anyway) and i just didnt know what to expect. I've listened to all these horror stories about things being put in to certain areas (my friend told me that during a medical exam the examiner sticks things into your genitals to see if you have anything) and it sounded very painful. My friend was a bit drunk at the time though so i dont know if thats so true. But yeah anyway i just had a terrible picture in my head about what was gonna happen. God i sound like a two yr old scared of going to the doctor for an injection lol :lol: oh well i will just have to be a big brave boy and go to the medical exam lol :lol:
  11. Ok it goes like this,they will ask you a shed load of questions ,have you or your family ever suffered from ......then a long list of ailments.They will then check out your heart and lungs,take your temperature and Blood pressure.You next get to pee in a jar,which they will test for a range of things.You will have an eye test,i.e read the words off the wall chart,then a colour blindness test,called the Ishihara test after a Japanese Gent who devised it.you will be asked to drop your trollies and then the Dr will gently(one hopes)cups your bollocks and asks you to cough.iF your cobblers move all is well.As for injection the RN will not subject you to any untill you are in the RN,no point wasting money at this stage if you fail somewhere along the line.And yes you are right,sticking things in your genitals is painfull as well as VERY disturbing.Might i suggest you stick your knee in you mates Genitals and conduct a bit of Pain Research?
  12. Don't worry the horror stories aren't true. Nothing gets stuck anywhere 8O
  13. I had a blood sample taken. Much easier than I thought - especially when the woman a) couldn't get the tight band to stay on and worse b) decided it best to inform me that it was the first time she'd actually taken blood from a living person...

    Oh yes, and listen carefully to the questions. I lapsed into a semi-coma as the doc went through them, and it later transpired that I answered at least two of them incorrectly... :oops:
  14. I'm only a civvy, but my understanding of naval medicals is derived from John Douglas's apparently autobiographical book about his time onboard the G-Spot. He describes his pre-joining medical in some depth - mind you this was in Birmingham in 1947-48 and things may have moved on a bit since then... :lol: Are you good at doing star jumps? Would you mind terribly doing them clad in your birthday suit? You don't mind girlies watching do you? :wink: :lol: Enough to put all but the very keen off...
  15. Well I'm going to be a real cow now - sorry josie and the guys. I think you are a right effing big girls blouse and if you are scared of a medical how are you going to cope with the possible trauma of killing people for eff's sake. OK I know they train you to do that but really ... this has to be a wind up. Anyway all I can say is just be bloody glad you aren't a woman. Even women who don't join the forces have to have medical examinations every couple of years that would make your eyes water, think about women having babies and how that rips up your body ... honestly I know it's Christmas and all that but really ...

    must go and lie down and watch some crap TV - this is too much - mind you reading this website at times one would be forgiven for thinking that naval live was just like boy scouts on the briny ... :cry:
  16. A LOT more people start Raleigh than finish it g_r.

    Blood samples are not taken at the pre-joining medical by the way.
  17. Different medical for officer selection it would appear then, as I most definitely remember having a small amount of blood removed from my body. :!:
  18. Probably checking to see if it contained any blue blood :)
  19. Simon, another medical is done on arrival at Raleigh which involves blood samples, probably the same one as the one done at AIB.
  20. In some cases nothing moves 'cause it ain't there. Do they tell you, you might have a rare but irrelevant genetic disorder - do they thump... :lol:

    It certainly does hurt - I had a urogram at St.Thomas's in London in my late 20s for suspected cancer and it went slightly wrong - the pain was worse than anything I'd experienced before or since. It's amazing how something as trivial as a bleeding urethra can be so painful, especially when you pee! :cry: If you can cope with that level of pain you'd find most cancer pain comparitivly moderate!

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