Hey guys

I'm Mike! I'm new to the fourms

I've finally put my application in, now I'm waiting to do my tests, in July.

I've got to wait 18 months for the job I want to do. (Long time).

Either Seaman Spec or NA (AH)

Thanks for looking: D
Yeah but theres loads to do in the meantime to keep you occupied! And as far as I'm aware the 18 months starts from when you sit the RT (dont quote me on that though).

You've then got fitness to work on, interviews to prep for etc. All very manageable in the time scale - and if you're anything like me you'll spend loads of time researching on this, and the RN website, which will help you through all the stages.
My Wait time is 18 months, from when you pass your run test, i applied in july of last year and did run test in september of last year i will prob not get a date untill mid next year.


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