Hey guys, RT test,

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys i havemy RT test on the 23rd, i have been told to get jobs on Submarines, you need to get a highier score, is this true?? Not that it worries me, as i will try my best, and dont suceed first time, i will try harder next time,
    Also do they send you for your eye test straight away after your test if you pass???
    Cheers guys,

  2. Recruit Test Test ? Nice ;)

    Listen, one word of advice I can give you is just go and try your very best, see what happens afterwards!

    Good luck.
  3. In the case of WS specifically, the score required for WS(S)(SM) and WS(T)(SM) is slightly higher than the score required for WS.
  4. I was offered WS but in all my maths part wasnt that great. Just study hard and against the clock.

    Good luck.
  5. The links in the stickied thread in this forum are very good.
    Some prove to have some tests that are a pain in the neck, but they are good practise and prepare you well.

    Good luck.
  6. Hi WS2B,

    I had mine yesterday.

    Word of advice - just try your best (I know its easy to say!)

    Also, don't worry about what mark you need for the job you want to do as they don't tell you the mark anyway!

    There are plenty of topics on here about the RT but remember to think about the questions too, and not just rush in.

    Regarding the eye test, the AFCO will give you a sheet with the opticians you can use and tell you to get it done ASAP.
    They will give you a SAE along with the Medical Questionnaire and Application for the Naval Service form.


    It shows initiative and that you are keen - my local D&A optician had a slot free for the same day so I got the paperwork filled out and eye test done that same day.

    Good luck!
  7. Hope there is no English in the test!!! :D
  8. Sorry about the spelling guys, my laptop's keyboard goes funny sometimes :S

    Also i have the How to Become- Royal navy Recruit test book thing...
    its quite good, but i dont know if those are the same type of questions :S:L

    Also, on my Application, i have put WS down as First choice, but i want to change it too either to SSM or TSM, do you think that would be a problem cheers guys,,
  9. No, but, if you are certain about this, I would suggest that you 'phone your CA this afternoon and let him/her know.

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