Hey guys, Question about Aircrewman (Rating)? in the RN

hey guys, im new to this, so if this is in the wrong section or something, sorry :)
anyways, to my question,
Do you have to already be in a branch in the royal navy to become an aircrewman (Rating? or can you apply straight from civvie street?

And also wha would be the Branch in which most aircrewman come from? cheers everyone :)
Aircrewman is a side ways entrance branch like PT, and Reggies as an example. So you would have to transfer from the another branch.

However don't join any branch expecting to just transfer it doesn't work that way and isn't as easy as that. So should you join you should pick a branch you want to join up in an work in for years.

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It's a job you could possibly transfer to when you are in, not a job you can apply for from civvie street.
I would suggest that you join a related branch. AET for example. This would give you some background into the branch (however AET is probably a better job than ACMN). If not AET then join a warfare branch and request to become an air 233 rating. This is a ships company volunteer who is trained to land helos on ships in the event that the WAFU's aren't onboard. This would demonstrate an interest. Whichever branch you join first, you will be an AB2. Generally you can't do a sideways entry into a branch unless you are an AB1, which can take up to 2 yrs.


Donny_Tiff said:
If not AET then join a warfare branch and request to become an air 233 rating. .

Yes, because being a lashing monkey will make all the difference. And being an AET would mean a very long wait to become OPS and be eligible for transfer.

Do neither, stay CT and transfer later.

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