hey all

hey im new to the forums and of corse navy life, ive passed everything but my PJFT which im just about to arrange, i was in shock for like a day when i passed my interview and medical lol, any tips for the PJFT?
well done! for passing the interview and medical! just a few tips for you
have breakfast! you will need the energy!
don't give up and keep running till you are nackered!
take water and a sports drink with you for before and after the test.
and if you haven't done any running on a tread mill, do some, it will make it much easier when doing the PJFT.
good luck
lol thanks guys, i got told this site was good for me but didnt think i would get replys this fast, my record for doing 2.4 km is 9 mins but that was a while ago so i guess i got some running to do, ive booked it for the 2nd of may so should be fun
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