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Hey all,opinions welcome!

Is the modern Royal Navy a good employer???

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Hey guys, I passed my PJFT in nov, really really looking formward to joining but i'm just after the opinions of people that have served or are currently, because i hear more opinons about how the navy has gone poo than how good it is, im after a job with good prospects and travel but judging by some of the comments ive read it sounds like (if i pass my basic) i'll be sharing a rubbber dingy with 20 people and we'll have a potato gun to share between us.I'm just asking as ive searched and haven't found anyone asking this,i'm trying my best when i go to basic regardless because im 21 so if it doesnt work out i can find something else, cheers
You're prob best talking to the guys that are still serving.I've been outside for over 10 years now and from what i've read on here,there have been a LOT of changes.Whether those changes were for the better or not,only guys still in can tell you.I was in for nearly 15 years and had the best time ever.I took voluntary redundancy and came outside in late 96.Still miss the craic though every now and then,but on the whole reckon i made the right choice coming out when i did.I hope everything works out for you and you have a great time in the Mob.

When us old foggies joined all those years ago we were told by the then old timers that the RN had gone downhill, was not the place it used to be etc etc. It did not stop us having a good time, having a great job, making good mates, and having an experience to look back on with pride and great memories. The only person who will stop you having a great time is yourself, go for it.
The RN is still great al, and judging by the numbers of former RN servicemen on here, it is missed when you leave. I do think you should do it, as it is still a career with prospects. A lot of the complaining on here is motivated because we all love it and just sometimes get frustrated when it doesnt get funded the way it should and for some stupid decisions from on high.

If you are patient and hardworking you will go far and the Navy will present you with opportunities none of your peers in civilian life will ever get.

Good luck with your career shipmate.
Thanks for the feedback guys, feel like i'm definitley making the right choice going in, i'm just itchin to get my provisional dates (I was told when i applied theres a 15 month wait until i start basic)!!!joining as seaman specialist,wardmaster.Seems like a varied job that'll keep me occupied!
Its simple comrade. Go in. Give it a damned good go. If you don't like it (and I don't mean at the training PVR stage) then come out. Get through training, get into the fleet (if we'll have one) and go with it.

If you don't go in, you'll regret not doing it. The only downside is you end up with a right set of one eyes who you can never shake off for the rest of your life, instead of the unreliable shower of real civvy mates who know feck all about time keeping, responsibility, mucking in etc etc... :wink:
Oldies like me still serving only moan about how crap it all is because we like to moan. If it was that bad we'd have all walked ages ago. Things change, some for the better, some not. When you join that's how the Navy is now and whatever it was like in the past should not worry you.
Hey al1985 im going for seaman specialist too, ive also been informed of that looooooong wait, so providing i pass my medical next week we may be doing training together (i think at least) all be it a long way away.
I agree with the others, JOIN. I applied to join as an MA and indicated that I was only interested in serving on submarines. When I returned from a med at Haslar I was not fit enough for boats but only for skimmers. I declined to join up and have regretted it ever since! I regretted it even more after I later joined the RNXS and even more now as a seasoned Rum Rationer.

At 21 they won't make you be Button Boy at Raleigh's Parents' Day :wink: :lol:
I spoke to a 3 badge RO recently (still serving) and he still thinks the RN is worth joining. That's significant because he's been stuck as an AB for the past ~15 years (he didn't change to the OM system) and he still has a positive attitude. Go for it mate.
nice 1 guys, i'm just tryin to keep fit at the moment got super fit for my pjft, did it in 9:52 and barely broke a sweat,(got plenty of countryside where i live) but its hard 2 keep away from the kebabs,beer, pizzas and Mc Donalds!think if i did the run now itd kill me!so what fast food establishments will i find on board then??? :)

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