Hestons spiced mulled cider

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by finknottle, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Mrs F bought me 2 bottles of this stuff and IMO it's vile, rather than heat it I chose the alternative method of imbibing, chilled with ice. Now I will drink most things as long as they are alcoholic but this wet takes the biscuit as it tastes like fucking cloves flavoured tepol so forewarned is forearmed, don't waste your bawbees, stick to the mulled claret over the silly season.
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  2. Gopping is the way I describe that particular tipple!
  3. I too have drunk most things alcoholic, I recall bluebell being a blank week DTs calmer, but a couple of drinks I would reach for after meths are Teachers and gluvine(sic) a German mulled thing.
  4. I do hope that you filtered the bluebell through a muslin cloth first, or was that for the more refined comms rates?
  5. Both acceptable methods depending on degree of urgency, I believe the wardroom added a dash of Orange
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  6. Aye your right but sometimes one could not wait for the settling process.
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  7. It tastes like cloves, flu medicine and piss to me.

    I kinda like it.
  8. Ever try lanliq and hairspray Finks?
  9. Right, get thee down to Lidl and buy their litre bottles of 'Christmas Gluwein' - look for the red bottle top! It is jolly nice, in fact I have just bought 18 bottles of the stuff! Method, pour into glass, place in microwave, remove, drink. Repeat. Saves all that faffing about with saucepans, spices, sugar etc!!

    BUT - also look out for sachets of Swedish Glogg (available in the blue and yellow place). It is a fruity alcoholic meal in a glass!
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  10. What was wrong with ethanol and orange? There's loads of ethanol available back aft.

  11. Never tried that combination but during my visits to Govan Drive back in the day I sampled the holy trinity of Lani, Vordo and Eldorado, fine beverages all that hit the spot.
  12. Oh come on........ what about the Bucky?
  13. I think Bucky became the drink of choice for the discerning, it being cheaper and stronger than Lanny, as for wreckers tipple, ethanol is, according to wikipedia is a psychoactive drug, which explains a lot.
  14. Not sure what you mean by that but the watches didn't half fly by :hippy2:
  15. Despite having a messful of beer, wine and spirits, only about 6 feet away, my first boat chief, who we'll call Smudge as his real name was Smith, saw fit to make orange and raisin wine in the cab space!

    'Twas disgusting!

  16. Together with shifters, spanners, Stilsons and hammers.

    BANGING IN THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. Sonar ... You beat me to it! Lidl's Christmas Gluwein is the dogs bollox and comes very highly recommended! Local Lidls' sells out within days of it hitting the shelves!

    and on the subject of Christmas booze .. Morrisons are doing a few Christmas Ales cheap at the moment

    Bah Humbug - Wychwood Brewery ... Hobgoblin with attitude!
    Rudolf the Red Nose ... Whitehorse Brewery
    Uncle Scrooge ... The Oxford Brewery

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