Heseltine backs the Euro

BBC News - UK will ultimately join euro says Lord Heseltine

Rather like the bit by UKIP leader Mr Farage, at the end of the piece who says "We should be rather like Norway and retain our own laws,fishing,finance and agriculture,whilst still being a part of the EU".
Change of direction by him,as well? The depth of EU involvement just revealed on BBC viz sale of Northern Rock to the Virgin group..
"The chancellor will say that, under the deal negotiated by his predecessor Alistair Darling with the European Commission over state aid to banks, the government had to sell the majority of its stake by the end of 2013."
This deadline had never been made public.
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I have no interest in what that unelected pro- Europe dinosaur has to say regarding our future. The only people who should decide whether or not we ever join the euro are the electorate in a ballot.
Old , old story, the original concept was OK, a mutual trading organisation, not a political nor a monetry thing, and certainly nothing to do with telling us just how we should measure,label food, let alone try to rule the UK via corrupt money grabbing politicians who we have never even voted for.

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