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Ha, ha, I'm in Seoul and just tried to read the link but it wouldn't let me. I get a warning from the Double-Secret Probation Police:

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I have no idea what it means :D
Kim Jong Il Pays Deep Attention to Preserving Traditional Manners
Leader Kim Jong Il in his lifetime had paid deep attention to carrying forward the traditional manners among the people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

One day in October Juche 95 (2006), Kim Jong Il told officials that from olden times Koreans visit their own ancestral graves to dress them with turf on the day of Chongmyong and trim the grasses grown on graves on the day of Chusok (Harvest Moon Day), noting they prepare various kinds of special dishes, including cakes cooked with newly-harvested grains, for memorial services on those days. And he stressed the need to still encourage such traditional manners.

On January 1, 1986, he underlined the importance to inherit and develop the national character, saying that it is a traditional custom and national sentiment of the Koreans to dress a bride in Korean chima (skirt) and jogori (coat) in marriage ceremony.

On February 16, 2003 he said that the younger generation should be taught how to cook traditional dishes.

He also took a measure to serve roast chestnuts and roast sweet potatoes for the passers-by in streets.

He made local people get a correct understanding of the history of the Lunar New Year Day and encouraged them to maintain traditional manners and customs on all folklore holidays.
Maybe he's a bit like the curate's egg. Some of this might not go amiss amongst some of our under 50s (and a few overs).

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